May 2015 Posts


We surely work in many different models, but one of our best performing ones is CPA. To be more specific, we are making reference to the category known as Pin Submit. As you will probably know already, as you have knowledge in regards to online marketing, Pin Submit are those offers that require the submission of a pin (quite of a describing name, isn’t it?).

In Toro Advertising, we offer plenty of these campaigns for a wide range of countries, all with great payout. This is the case of MuviWorld, a campaign targeting the English speaking countries, Scandinavia, France, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

This offer in particular works for both web and WAP traffic and it is responsive, so it adapts to suit your best entertainment traffic. Apart from those, it also accepts Contextual traffic, traffic where CPC is possible, Email traffic, Search traffic and Social traffic. The standard and most common traffic where this offer is used is Display traffic.

The price is $18 CPA and the pixel triggers after the credit card pin submission, which can be done when finished the 2 page sign up process to get the trial version of the product.

Adult traffic or incentivized traffic is not allowed, so please bear in mind the restrictions. This offer is working wonderfully and giving a lot of income to the affiliates choosing it. If you have this traffic, ask for it to your AM!

League of Angels: Fire Raiders

Toro Advertising is always looking for new products to offer to our clients. In order to get the best prices, we acquire the different campaigns only from direct developers/advertisers. We do this with the campaigns for all the models we work with, such as CPA, CPL and CPI among others.

This is the case of League of Angels, new app game that came to Toro a few weeks ago. This is a role playing game that has a desktop version, now coming to smartphones under the name of ‘League of Angels: Fire Raiders’. We are offering this app available for the US, at the astounding price of $2.40 CPI for Android and $2.80 for iOS.

League of Angels

This app does not allow incentivized traffic, just as the great majority of games. The developers look for long-term players that stay with them for quite a while, as the game works with system of micro transactions, where playing is free but more veteran players might want to improve their experience unlocking new and exclusive content.