August 2015 Posts

Top Juegos (WAP)

As many of you already know, Toro Advertising is much expertized in the field of CPA. Consisting in offers of all types, our CPA network covers channels and countries for every single client. Our experience helps us at the time of monetizing CPA/Pin Submit offers, as we have been working with these since the very beginning of this company.

Not only that, but these offers can run in plenty of channels, being little restrictive at the time of choosing the traffic where they can be run. Apart from that, these type of offers are very numerous and available for a lot of countries. We understand where our potential can be exploited, so this is why Toro is in partnership with the biggest advertiser in MX in order to get the best for our clients.

Here we present you Top Juegos, for WAP traffic only. This CPA offer for MX is at the rate of $4.50 per conversion, a very good price taking in consideration how good and big the advertiser is. Their campaigns convert very well and usually last long. The carrier available is Telcel only for the time being. This might change in the future.

We know pretty well that CPA is a fast way of producing income, faster than CPI and CPL. Considering the advertiser, if you have traffic available in this GEO, you should really give a try to this offer. Ask it to your Account Manager and see the growths!

Video Chat WAP

Toro Advertising offers the widest variety of campaigns in terms of channels in order to be able to please and do business with any potential client we might have. This is why we do not close any legal door in our company. We try to reach every channel in order to see if it can be exploited with a fully functional client and this is why we work to get offers of all types.

Sex is something that sells, we all know that, and more if we talk about Internet or in online terms. We get campaigns of adult dating, chat rooms, etc. All this is to be run in adult sites or traffic where adult content is allowed. If you have this traffic, we can provide you with offers that will bring fast income to your wallet.

In Toro, we know how to deal with CPA campaigns as much as we have mastered the management of our CPM traffic. There are plenty of countries for which we can supply adult campaigns and this one we are presenting today is no exception.

Meet Video Chat WAP, a CPA offer that will surely work in your traffic. It is targeted for IN only, at least at the moment. The conversion rate is $0.35 considering the country for which it is available. It is higher already than most of the offers you might find for that country, so my personal advice is that you pick it up. The offer is only available for WAP traffic, not web. Also, the only carrier available for this offer is Vodafone. Nonetheless, this offer can run in Android, Java and Blackberry devices.

It can be run in several browsers as well, including Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome. Even Internet Explorer can be used! The restrictions are the typical ones that we find in WAP offers, like no Wi-Fi traffic, No pops, no proxy, etc.

If you have adult traffic in IN, this is your offer. Do not think it twice and give it a try, you will not regret it.


Chinese might be the language of the future, although there are different opinions on which will be the universal language in the future. No matter which one results on being the new establishment, English is the language of the present. Learning English is very important, as it will keep being the global language you can use anywhere in the world. For this exact same reason, English teaching institutions are fundamental in today’s society and have regular incomes and a stable situation.

Not everybody has time to learn English in a classroom or with particular classes and as always, Internet has the answer. Learning English through online distance courses is a very practical and fruitful way of learning your needed language. One of these online institutions is Englishtown.

With them, you can get 30 minutes classes with native teachers anytime of the day. Apart from that, they have offline services so you can keep improving your level whenever you need it. They will be able to raise your level until it reaches a professional level, both written and spoken, so you can dominate both skills on your workplace and everyday life.

We offer an entrance to their service in MX, a Spanish-speaking country where English is quite useful for the local population, as it is besides US. It is a Single Opt-In offer, very simple to follow and with visuals that invite the user, with detailed information about their services. Bear in mind that the accepted clients have to be +25, but the conversion rate is $4.50, so the price is reasonable. It has a cap of 300 monthly conversions only but it accepts both Display and Email traffic.

If you have this type of traffic in this country, give it a try to Englishtown, as everybody needs English!

William Hill Casino

The world of gambling is indeed something big. People will always love playing, even if it is with small amounts of money. That does not mean that big companies dedicated to gambling earn little. It is actually the contrary. Gambling is an activity that gathers tons of money at the end of the year, but they need you to bring them new clients.

In Toro Advertising, we work with big brands of the business, getting to be the one of the most privileged networks at the time of gathering advertising material. Our position is your position, so what we get, you can get it from us. Be the first one in advertising these brands and getting revenue.

William Hill is a very famous casino chain that has been working with us for a long time now. We always get fast-converting CPL offers for multiple countries, but we are here to present another campaign that will catch your interest even more.

They have released an APP for mobile phones where you can play and bet outside your computer. We offer it for iOS in IT and ES only at the moment, but we will get new countries available. The price for both countries is 3.15€, a very good amount if we consider the countries and that the APP is free to download. Obviously, the offer is a Cost Per Install, so it only needs the client to download and open the APP to convert.

It does not accept incent traffic, facebook traffic, or App discovery traffic (or brand binding). Those are the only restrictions. If you have non-incent traffic for ES and IT where APPs work, make sure to get this one!


Not all games are videogames, the same way not all APPs that are games are videogames. In today’s culture, when we mix the terms ‘game’ and ‘phone’, we always think of videogames as they have become very popular in mobile phones as well thanks to smartphones.

Meet TVSmiles, one of the concepts that may entertain all those who are not fond of videogames. Just like in old school board games, in TVSmiles you might find quizzes and puzzles to solve, without any kind of virtual interaction or minigame other than the question or puzzle. Not only that, you can get prizes for winning rewards inside the game and get juicy trophies to your house. For trophies, we mean things like consoles, coffee machines, and tickets to exchange in Amazon, etc.

Not only that, but you can visit their online store from the APP and check out all of the objects you can purchase or even win. The APP is only available for DE at the moment, as it is from a German company. We offer it at the price of $0.21, fair price considering the country and that incent traffic is allowed.

If you are looking for something new, check out TVSmiles!