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New Bitcoin payments through Coinbase


Now you can enter the Bitcoin community thanks to a new agreement between Toro Advertising and Coinbase. As one of our affiliates, you can receive your payments through this Bitcoin wallet.

Coinbase is a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency. It’s the leading global brand in the field, helping people to convert digital currency into and out of their local currency.

What are the Advantages of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has numerous benefits and advantages over using localized currency. Probably the main advantage is the ability to transfer Bitcoins around the world almost for free. Timing is also important, a money transfer across borders can take a long time, but Bitcoin can generally be confirmed in minutes. Bitcoin can be delivered person to person without a bank and can be used in any country. And of course, using Coinbase you can choose whether to convert your money immediately at the best exchange rate on the market to your local currency.

Toro Advertising is expanding its horizons every day, pushing forward to give the best service and attention to our affiliates. That’s why we’re offering different payment methods in order to make transactions easier and we strongly believe that Bitcoin payments are a really interesting option.

Ahora puedes cobrar en Bitcoins a través de Coinbase



Ahora puedes entrar en la comunidad Bitcoin gracias a un nuevo acuerdo entre Toro Advertising y Coinbase. Como uno de nuestros afiliados, podrás recibir tus pagos a través de este monedero Bitcoin.

Coinbase es una plataforma online segura para comprar, vender, transferir y guardar moneda digital. Es la líder global en su sector, facilitando a la gente el cambio de moneda digital a su moneda local o viceversa.

¿Cuáles son las ventajas de los Bitcoins?

Los Bitcoins tienen beneficios y ventajas respecto al uso de moneda local. Probablemente, su principal ventaja es la posibilidad de transferir Bitcoins alrededor del mundo casi gratuitamente. El tiempo también es importante, ya que una transferencia internacional puede tardar mucho y, sin embargo, en Bitcoins puede realizarse en cuestión de minutos. Los Bitcoins pueden entregarse de persona a persona sin un banco como intermediario y, además, se pueden usar en todos los países del mundo. Y, por supuesto, usando Coinbase puedes elegir el mejor momento para convertir tu dinero a moneda local con la mejor tasa de cambio.

Toro Advertising está expandiendo sus horizontes día a día para dar el mejor servicio y atención a sus afiliados. Por este motivo, ofrecemos diferentes métodos de pago para hacer las transacciones lo más fáciles posible y, en este caso, estamos seguros de que los pagos en Bitcoin son una opción muy interesante.


Come meet us at Mobile World Congress!

One Mobile-World-Congress-2017-1more year, Toro Advertising will be attending Mobile World Congress, the world’s biggest and best mobile industry event. 2017 MWC will be between Monday, 27 February and Thursday, 2 March and Toro’s crew will be there to be part of this amazing event to take advantage of networking opportunities.

Mobile World Congress is organized by GSMA and always takes place in Barcelona. The event comprises a massive exhibition, an award-winning conference, outstanding networking opportunities, partner programmes and much more. The most respected speakers in the industry, who will share cool insights on the future of the business, will be there.

Mobile World Congress is less than a month away. Are you attending? Let’s meet! Schedule a meeting by sending us an email to


When I say ‘dating’, I am pretty sure that the word ‘APP’ might come right after. This is because there’s been a huge increase in the number of dating APPs that are on the market. Yet, this was not always this way, and still, dating covers much more than phones. After the boom of social networks, dating sites had a great success too, helping lots of people on finding persons similar to them.

Friendship only or romantic relationship, these sites do not often discriminate between those two options. One of them is Flirchi, a dating website dedicated to young people to make friends or to find love. This is something that never gets old, so have a look at the campaign.

We are offering a CPL basis campaign, Single Opt-In, where the client registers himself or herself on the website. As being Single Opt-In, the lead is fast and simple to get. This campaign is available for All Countries, as the site is available worldwide. It is available for website display only (no WAP) and it has some restrictions, quite the most frequent. No fraud, no incent, no adult (as it is regular dating), no virus, etc.

You will get $0.55 per lead, so you better have a look at your traffic and see if this offer fits in! Try it out and tell us about the results, we are sure you will not regret it.

Viralkan Blog Anda


Hello everybody. This is my first posting on this website as I am the only Malaysian author here. I presenting the Bradokapak Pte. Ltd. group here and I will write as many article as I can. I also write for some blog like Brado Kapak (my personal blog), Drama Raja (my new blog) and OOO Camtue Ek? (invitation author). In this blog, I will write all of my article in Malay language as I am Malaysian and proud to be. My article will talks about Malaysian social media engagement, marketing management, tips for blogging, SEO tips and webmaster and manymore. So, come read my first article here! I hope you will like it !

Thanks for reading…

Advertisers Spent More On Digital Than TV

The Interactive Advertising Bureau announced that marketers spent approximately $3 billion on U.S online advertising more than TV in 2013. In the next article explain it in more details and the movements of the big marketers and advertisers are doing because of this.

Click here: Advertisers Are Now Spending More Money On Digital Than Broadcast TV