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Chinese might be the language of the future, although there are different opinions on which will be the universal language in the future. No matter which one results on being the new establishment, English is the language of the present. Learning English is very important, as it will keep being the global language you can use anywhere in the world. For this exact same reason, English teaching institutions are fundamental in today’s society and have regular incomes and a stable situation.

Not everybody has time to learn English in a classroom or with particular classes and as always, Internet has the answer. Learning English through online distance courses is a very practical and fruitful way of learning your needed language. One of these online institutions is Englishtown.

With them, you can get 30 minutes classes with native teachers anytime of the day. Apart from that, they have offline services so you can keep improving your level whenever you need it. They will be able to raise your level until it reaches a professional level, both written and spoken, so you can dominate both skills on your workplace and everyday life.

We offer an entrance to their service in MX, a Spanish-speaking country where English is quite useful for the local population, as it is besides US. It is a Single Opt-In offer, very simple to follow and with visuals that invite the user, with detailed information about their services. Bear in mind that the accepted clients have to be +25, but the conversion rate is $4.50, so the price is reasonable. It has a cap of 300 monthly conversions only but it accepts both Display and Email traffic.

If you have this type of traffic in this country, give it a try to Englishtown, as everybody needs English!

Men Solutions – Muscle Gain

Health is a subject that a lot of people pay attention to. Thanks to that, a huge business has been created from it, trying to make our lives better by improving our physical condition. It is no mystery; from pills that will make your hair grow to headache tablets, we have a single product for each and every health problem we might face.

The Internet is a great place to small health companies to grow, thanks to advertising of course. Mainstream media is so much focused on the big companies that it is almost impossible to get enough money to pay for a single add. We are here to help them grow, so we do with their income and yours. Here we present you Men Solution – Muscle gain.

Gyms are extremely popular now and muscles are becoming a trend in men’s world. These pills will help you out gaining all that muscle that is resisting coming out via exercise. If you combine your exercise and diet with these pills, you will get results. Natural pills with no chemicals that will help you grow your muscles.

The offer works on a CPL basis, where no fake leads are accepted, of course. The company is serious and they only want to get clients, no bulge. It is a Single Opt-In offer, making the conversion to be fast and easy. This campaign in particular is open for Greece, but the same company offers more products for different countries, so do not hesitate in having a look at Men Solutions. The payout is 5€ for GR

If you have mainstream or health related traffic, this offer is for you. Come and get it!

Skyforge – Closed Beta

It is time to review another one of our exclusive offers, and the model we are choosing today is CPS. We normally understand CPA as Cost per Action, in which many times the so called action is a payment. This is when CPS makes its entrance, CPS standing for Cost per Sale. The campaign we are reviewing today is called Skyforge.

This is a new game that was released not much time ago and it is even in Closed Beta. For those who do not know much about videogames basically means that the game is still under development but some players have the chance to try it and tell if the game is good and what should be changed. This is what our offer brings, access to the game.

In order to do this, the player has to go through the landing page that shows the available packs that they can buy, and just get one. Then, the conversion is done. For every sale, you get $8, which is a very good price considering that this type of games (MMORPG) are very popular among PC gamers and they generally bring conversions for this type of game. In other words, they are not afraid of paying in order to enjoy the game.

Moreover, the fact that the game is in closed beta and cannot be accessed by everyone makes it exclusive for payers, which means that if they want to try the game, they are forced to go through the payment.

The countries targeted are English speaking (US/CA/AU/UK) which are also the countries that more PC gamers overall have. Apart from that, the offer accepts incent traffic, which means that the amounts of traffic you can give it are bigger.

Contact your Account Manager and ask for this amazing offer if you have desktop and gaming related traffic, you will not regret it!

ePayments: A new door opens for you.

Toro Advertising expands its horizons every day, pushing forward to get the best service and attention to our clients. This is why we add new ways to reach our clients every month, in order to facilitate reaching and to make everything to go smoothly in business. A new payment method is available in our platforms and we are here to present it to you: Welcome to ePayments.

ePayments is an easy and practical e-wallet which offers many utilities that make their clients satisfied with their service. It is fast and user friendly. Payments can be made from all across the globe and it has competitive fees in order to get new users to their service. This is why Toro decided to join as well, as we want our clients to have everything clear and simple, in order to keep our hands into more important things (business, obviously).

Online Advertising is a very demanding world and every second is crucial. Why spending lots of time trying to pay a due invoice when you can do it with two simple steps? The transaction time is very short and they accept massive payments as well. Are you a huge client wanting to pay lots of money for our remarkable service? Do not worry; you can pay as much money as you want.

Safety and privacy are of course linked to the service, so do not be afraid on trusting them. Your transactions will be safe and will be a matter between you and us. The integration is simple, dynamic and flexible.

Another door opened for Toro and our clients. If you get to use ePayments as well, we will be waiting for you!

Paxum is now available

Toro has two new e-payment methods that will help our clients a lot. The very first one is Paxum and this post will be about it. With this new payment method, users have lower fees than with other e-Payments methods; they can invest or transfer money to other users instantly and receive money from them. Money can be withdrawn instantly to make purchases both online and offline. Apart from that, they have a custom service 24/7.

What best option for a company like Toro? We like to make things well and fast, so does Paxum. Tired of waiting days and days to get your money? We are indeed and we understand that other customers can be as well. Let’s do it know and let’s do it quick!

Remember that in Toro, the most important factor of our business is our clients. That is the reason why we have VIP privileges for all those clients that trust our company and stay with us for a long time. Lower prices, best trades, exclusive offerings… we give that and way more. Join us, a new path called Paxum has been opened for us.

Well meet again on the next entry, about e-Payments!