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Marketing to millennials: 5 things you must know about them

What exactly is the millennial generation? The term ‘Millennials’ has captured the attention of marketers for several reasons. Why?


Marketing to millennials

The term ‘millennials’, also known as Generation Y or the Next Generation, is usually considered to apply to individuals who reached adulthood around the turn of the 21st century. We can found several definitions, but according by many sources, millennials were born between 1980 – 2000. The younger millennials are in their 20`s and are now graduating from college and entering the workforce; the eldest are in their mid-30’s and they are buying homes and starting families. That’s why millennials have a huge buying power and they are one of most interesting targets in the market.

Designing marketing strategies for millennials is not easy. Many companies are failing the attempt due to a lack of knowledge about these young adults. Defining people by their birth years can seem an oversimplification but here are some keys common to millennial generation.

1. Forever connected. Millennials have grown up with the internet and smartphones. They are heavy mobile phone users. If you want to influence this generation, mobile is a must, but that’s just part of the equation. You must get the message right too. Brands would have to maintain constant communication with millennials.

2. A sharing culture. They are influencers and they fix its attention on influencers. Millennials share their opinions across social channels. For them friends are the most credible source of product information and would consider buying a product recommended by a friend.

3. Getting more out of less. Lower employment levels and smaller incomes have left millennials with less money than previous generations. Nevertheless, they made more purchases and go out more than any older generation. It would seem there are savvy consumers or it’s just that are they looking for less expensive experiences?

4. Socially conscious. These young adults are concerned about social and environmental issues. Millennial consumers rally behind socially responsible companies.

5. Practical and results-oriented. A strong brand isn’t enough to encourage millennials to make purchases. They have a different relationship with brands and they claim to dislike advertising. Millennials have all the tools necessary to find what they’re looking for, so don’t try to entice them only with commercial spots, they will go beyond.


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When I say ‘dating’, I am pretty sure that the word ‘APP’ might come right after. This is because there’s been a huge increase in the number of dating APPs that are on the market. Yet, this was not always this way, and still, dating covers much more than phones. After the boom of social networks, dating sites had a great success too, helping lots of people on finding persons similar to them.

Friendship only or romantic relationship, these sites do not often discriminate between those two options. One of them is Flirchi, a dating website dedicated to young people to make friends or to find love. This is something that never gets old, so have a look at the campaign.

We are offering a CPL basis campaign, Single Opt-In, where the client registers himself or herself on the website. As being Single Opt-In, the lead is fast and simple to get. This campaign is available for All Countries, as the site is available worldwide. It is available for website display only (no WAP) and it has some restrictions, quite the most frequent. No fraud, no incent, no adult (as it is regular dating), no virus, etc.

You will get $0.55 per lead, so you better have a look at your traffic and see if this offer fits in! Try it out and tell us about the results, we are sure you will not regret it.


Commerce is and always be part of humanity and a crucial piece for the functioning of societies. There are APPs that help us on our everyday purchases, from ordering food or to find a good place to buy groceries (even buying the latter). I am pretty sure though that there is something missing, something that you would like to have some indications about.

When you go to Ebay, you always expect to get what you are looking for, nearer to your location. Unfortunately, maybe what you are looking for is not near, but worry not! This is why Shpock has been invented for. With this APP, you will be able to find what you are looking for. From flea markets to car boot sales,  you will be able to browse among the offers you may find near your town or city.

At the moment, we are offering Shpock on UK and DE but of course, this might change in the near future when new GEOs are opened for this APP. The price is $0.85. As many other offers, this one has restrictions on its traffic, but nothing abnormal. Incent and adult traffic are not allowed, as well as duplicated leads, ads icons, redirects and such. The creatives will be provided by the advertiser and we will provide them to you, no problem on that.

If you have mainstream traffic or you run APPs, choose Shpock from Toro’s platform so we keep making your wallet grow!

Wingames – Win a Camera (CL)

Raffles tend to be popular when the participation requirements are easy to fulfill and the prize is good. Promotional raffles are a very good example of this. When a company is trying to boost its popularity, they organize a raffle in order to gift one of their products to a potential new client. The company’s name spreads and they get information to gather new clients.

Thanks to the internet, this can be done online. The method of participation may vary depending on the company and the gift, but it is always a good option to keep it simple. As there is plenty of online participation as well, it is an amazing idea to exploit that massive traffic.

We have come here today to present a raffle/survey offer called Wingames (Win a Camera). It is a CPL offer that only requires the client to introduce their email in order to participate in the raffle, where the prize is a camera. This campaign is available for CL at the moment at the price of 0.30€ per lead. Depending on the traffic, this offer might work even better than the regular CPL offers of games.

There are some restrictions regarding traffic, including incent traffic, P2P sites traffic, File sharing traffic, adult content traffic, political content traffic or religious content traffic. It has a daily cap of 25 conversions so it does not get flooded. This offer also has some additional specifications you can find in its description, inside our platform; it only accepts national IPs and the Opt-out clause is 24/48, among a couple more.

This might look like a lot of restrictions but worry not! The fact that it has so many restrictions only demonstrates that the offer performs correctly when the traffic is the appropriate. The rest is nothing but minimal instructions to be followed so the campaign makes money for you. Ask for it to your Account Manager and keep trusting Toro Advertising.