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Hello everybody. This is my first posting on this website as I am the only Malaysian author here. I presenting the Bradokapak Pte. Ltd. group here and I will write as many article as I can. I also write for some blog like Brado Kapak (my personal blog), Drama Raja (my new blog) and OOO Camtue Ek? (invitation author). In this blog, I will write all of my article in Malay language as I am Malaysian and proud to be. My article will talks about Malaysian social media engagement, marketing management, tips for blogging, SEO tips and webmaster and manymore. So, come read my first article here! I hope you will like it !

Thanks for reading…

Matt Cutts Link Selling

If there is a link selling site and they get caught for selling links, and they just happen to be linking to you, the value of that link that the site was providing, it just goes away.

Matt Cutts