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Meet us at Affiliate World Europe 2017!


Toro Advertising will be present at Affiliate World Europe next week. Over 2500 marketers from around the world will set place in Berlin to attend this global conference and Toro’s crew will be there to be part of this amazing event and take advantage of networking opportunities.

The Affiliate World Europe, organized by the Affiliate World Conferences, will take place from 14th to 15th June 2017 at Station- Berlin (Berlin). During this two-day conference, the most important affiliate marketing experts come together and give valuable insights and show the latest innovations.

This is a place to learn from industry leaders and network with the best minds around. You can’t miss it! If you’re attending let’s meet! Book your meeting in advance with Beatriz Gonzalez, our Business Developer, by sending an email to beatriz@toroadvertising.com.

See you in Berlin!

ePayments payment system and its advantages


With our clients in mind, Toro Advertising expands its horizons every day to get the best service and attention. We like to make things well and fast, that’s why we’re offering different payment methods to make transactions easier. Today, we want to present you ePayments, a payment method available in our platform. Note that ePayments allows withdrawal to virtual currency Bitcoin and Webmoney, which it is really interesting!

ePayments is a virtual payment service, thanks to which, operations can be made online. It is registered in the United Kingdom and operates in accordance with English law. In 2014 the ePayments system received an FCA licence (UK), confirming the reliability of its service and the legal right to issue electronic money. ePayments guarantees the security of financial operations and the protection of confidential information.

 ePayments Prepaid MasterCard and it’s benefits

MasterCard is globally accepted to make  secure payments in more than 210 countries. ePayments Prepaid MasterCard is pin and chip secure and supports PayPass feature.

In this video you can see the account verification process. After account verification process the daily card limits are set at $3000 for cash withdrawals, and the maximum amount which can be held on the card is $20,000.

Terms and conditions of use

ePayments affiliate programme allows you to make free incoming payments to ePayments wallets. Withdrawing funds is easy, both to your VISA/ MasterCard® card or to your personal ePayments Prepaid MasterCard®.

The facilitation of payments via ePayments is easy and simple: the e-Wallet allows you to make outgoing payments and settle your accounts, whereas the ePayments Prepaid MasterCard® provides the opportunity to make payments in stores and withdraw cash at ATMs.

 Withdrawing money with ePayments:

  • Cash at ATMs with ePayments card
  • Free POS transactions with ePayments card
  • Instant Internal transfer
  • Outgoing Wire transfer
  • Transfer to WebMoney, Yandex.Money
  • Transfer to cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin)
  • Withdrawal of funds to credit/debit card (VISA/ MasterCard®)

Transfers between e-Wallets on the ePayments system is absolutely free. The maximum amount which can be withdrawn at ATMs from the ePayments Prepaid MasterCard® is $3000 per day.

ePayments has mobile applications available for your convenience at AppStore and PlayMarket.

If you get to use ePayments, we will be waiting for you!


ePayments: A new door opens for you.

Toro Advertising expands its horizons every day, pushing forward to get the best service and attention to our clients. This is why we add new ways to reach our clients every month, in order to facilitate reaching and to make everything to go smoothly in business. A new payment method is available in our platforms and we are here to present it to you: Welcome to ePayments.

ePayments is an easy and practical e-wallet which offers many utilities that make their clients satisfied with their service. It is fast and user friendly. Payments can be made from all across the globe and it has competitive fees in order to get new users to their service. This is why Toro decided to join as well, as we want our clients to have everything clear and simple, in order to keep our hands into more important things (business, obviously).

Online Advertising is a very demanding world and every second is crucial. Why spending lots of time trying to pay a due invoice when you can do it with two simple steps? The transaction time is very short and they accept massive payments as well. Are you a huge client wanting to pay lots of money for our remarkable service? Do not worry; you can pay as much money as you want.

Safety and privacy are of course linked to the service, so do not be afraid on trusting them. Your transactions will be safe and will be a matter between you and us. The integration is simple, dynamic and flexible.

Another door opened for Toro and our clients. If you get to use ePayments as well, we will be waiting for you!

Paxum is now available

Toro has two new e-payment methods that will help our clients a lot. The very first one is Paxum and this post will be about it. With this new payment method, users have lower fees than with other e-Payments methods; they can invest or transfer money to other users instantly and receive money from them. Money can be withdrawn instantly to make purchases both online and offline. Apart from that, they have a custom service 24/7.

What best option for a company like Toro? We like to make things well and fast, so does Paxum. Tired of waiting days and days to get your money? We are indeed and we understand that other customers can be as well. Let’s do it know and let’s do it quick!

Remember that in Toro, the most important factor of our business is our clients. That is the reason why we have VIP privileges for all those clients that trust our company and stay with us for a long time. Lower prices, best trades, exclusive offerings… we give that and way more. Join us, a new path called Paxum has been opened for us.

Well meet again on the next entry, about e-Payments!

Trivago: Find your best hotel for your travels



This offer is perfect for all of those who have sites and traffic that converts very well with travelling and tourism related campaigns. The very first thing you should know is that this offer right here is exclusive for Toro, so no other affiliate network or agency will have this one!

The campaign works on a CPL basis, under a Single Opt-In procedure. This makes it have a very high and good conversion rate, as the requirements are simple and easy to fill. Apart from that, nowadays people are always travelling, so imagine the profit it gives.

The price of the offer is 0.20€ per conversion, monthly cap of 10000. This might change in relation to the amount/quality of the traffic and conversions, reaching way higher numbers, as we work only with direct advertisers who can get higher budgets.

This is one of the offers that you should not leave behind if you work at a CPL basis, ask for it to your Account Manager and start making money!