ePayments: A new door opens for you.

Toro Advertising expands its horizons every day, pushing forward to get the best service and attention to our clients. This is why we add new ways to reach our clients every month, in order to facilitate reaching and to make everything to go smoothly in business. A new payment method is available in our platforms and we are here to present it to you: Welcome to ePayments.

ePayments is an easy and practical e-wallet which offers many utilities that make their clients satisfied with their service. It is fast and user friendly. Payments can be made from all across the globe and it has competitive fees in order to get new users to their service. This is why Toro decided to join as well, as we want our clients to have everything clear and simple, in order to keep our hands into more important things (business, obviously).

Online Advertising is a very demanding world and every second is crucial. Why spending lots of time trying to pay a due invoice when you can do it with two simple steps? The transaction time is very short and they accept massive payments as well. Are you a huge client wanting to pay lots of money for our remarkable service? Do not worry; you can pay as much money as you want.

Safety and privacy are of course linked to the service, so do not be afraid on trusting them. Your transactions will be safe and will be a matter between you and us. The integration is simple, dynamic and flexible.

Another door opened for Toro and our clients. If you get to use ePayments as well, we will be waiting for you!

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