Paxum is now available

Toro has two new e-payment methods that will help our clients a lot. The very first one is Paxum and this post will be about it. With this new payment method, users have lower fees than with other e-Payments methods; they can invest or transfer money to other users instantly and receive money from them. Money can be withdrawn instantly to make purchases both online and offline. Apart from that, they have a custom service 24/7.

What best option for a company like Toro? We like to make things well and fast, so does Paxum. Tired of waiting days and days to get your money? We are indeed and we understand that other customers can be as well. Let’s do it know and let’s do it quick!

Remember that in Toro, the most important factor of our business is our clients. That is the reason why we have VIP privileges for all those clients that trust our company and stay with us for a long time. Lower prices, best trades, exclusive offerings… we give that and way more. Join us, a new path called Paxum has been opened for us.

Well meet again on the next entry, about e-Payments!

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