5 tips to maximize CPA Survey offers

CPA Surveys

Introduction to Surveys

The business world has become a highly competitive and fast-moving sector in the last few years. Consequently, brands have had to invest heavily in order to figure out how to reach their audience, stay competitive, and be chosen over other similar brands. In this context, when it comes to audience retargeting, brands are developing strategies to collect first-party data that comes directly from their audience, and then taking this information to make predictions and future behavioral trends. One of the best methods to collect first-party data is through surveys.

TORO Advertising works with several clients whose business is collecting first-party data through surveys. These companies offer an incentive to the customers in order to effectively obtain true information from them and encourage them to fill out as many online surveys as possible. This incentive is generally cash incentives, points for rewards, discounts, gift cards, free samples, etc. The online survey business is a win-win situation because it provides brands with valuable market research information, and the customers are rewarded.

How do surveys work

Basically, filling in a survey consists of giving your opinion about different products, brands, events, opinions, etc. this data will then be collected and analyzed. Filling in a survey can range from 5-10 minutes, it is designed to be answered easily and quickly. When managing market research, the brand wants participants that fit in with its target audience, so the survey responses are only valuable to the brand if the target fits their demographic profile. For example, a diapers brand will probably want to target young couples & mums starting new families, mainly in urban areas.

Best tips to maximize survey offers

Even though many marketers have joined the survey business which has made the sector more competitive, here we have 5 tips to share with you to make improve your survey offers, so you can be one step ahead of the competition:

1. Audience

Usually, women between 25-65 years old, who have spare time and are using social media networks are more likely to fill out surveys in exchange for an incentive (free samples, discounts, coupons, gift cards, etc.). Additionally, this audience mostly uses their mobile device for filling out surveys.

2. Segmentation

The main source by which you can attract the highest volume of a target audience is through Facebook ads. The right segmentation of your campaign according to the variables of interests and demographics will determine the campaign’s success. Even though Facebook has been considered as one of the best advertising sources for surveys, it is worth taking into consideration that display, email marketing and contextual/PPC traffic can also be highly successful.

3. Creatives

We recommend working with a landing page because end-users usually need additional information before they register for the offer and start filling in surveys. An effective landing page should have images/videos, as well as reviews and testimonials about the surveys you’re promoting. Additionally, it is good to add contact options in case your leads require help with anything, this also creates trust and credibility for your survey, increasing registration numbers and reducing the landing page bounce rate.

4. Email list

Build up an opted-in email list by using a form that offers more information about surveys for end-users or asks them to subscribe to your newsletter. Collecting these opted-in emails provides multiple opportunities because you can convert users into leads as well as generate more leads according to their customer journey.
Remember to abide by the GDPR law to ensure the correct use and processing of data and information of the users.

5. Analyze and optimize

Regularly analyze your results to stay agile and efficiently make any needed adjustments. If the parameter you have established has not generated the expected performance, then analyze it and find out how to improve the results. The success of the campaign depends mainly upon the time you invest in analyzing and exploring new approaches to optimize the results.

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