Affiliate hacks: Using Pinterest for Affiliate offers

Using Pinterest for Affiliate offers

Pinterest is a visual discovery engine, end users find inspiration in a number of categories such as gym workouts, interior design, supplements, book recommendations and so much more. So why not start using Pinterest for Affiliate offers! With 518 million monthly active users, it is a great way to cultivate and create an organic audience for your niche! Additionally, it has become most popular with Gen Z, who make up 42%, and women who make up 70% of the global user base. So, if you are looking to diversify your Traffic Sources with these demographics keep reading to learn how to set up Pinterest for Affiliate offers and our top tips for high conversions on Pinterest!


How to set up Pinterest for Affiliate offers

The main reason Gen Z uses Pinterest is to find information about products or brands. This means if you build an audience that is interested in your niche they are more likely to convert. It is important to remember that Pinterest works like an aesthetically appealing Google search so it may take some time to build up your authority on the website. So, let’s look at how to set up your Pinterest profile for Affiliate offers!

#1 Choose your niche

If you are a member of TORO Advertising you have probably already chosen your niche, whether it is Sports, Dating, Sweepstakes, or something else. Different niches perform better on different socials, the majority of end users on Pinterest are looking for inspiration and will save pins based on aesthetic. Because of this, verticals like Home improvements, Health & Beauty, eBooks, or Surveys may perform better than other verticals. 

#2 Create your Business Account

Once you have signed up for TORO Advertising you will need to create your business account on Pinterest. When creating your account there are a few things to keep in mind like the fact you are the brand, so ensure that your branding is consistent across the platform. When selecting your business area you can select ‘Influencer’ as your area compared to ‘Marketplace’, which may limit your account. 

#3 Customize your thumbnail image

Make sure to always customize your profile according to your brand identity, colors, etc. When creating your icon, limit your color pallet, using up to three colors can assist in making your brand memorable and easy to see on smaller devices. This is important as 85 percent of Pinterest usage occurs on iOS and Android so it is more readable on a smaller device size. You can use Canva to create your brand identity and if you use Canva Pro you can save your brand colors. 

#4 Change your name and create your bio

When you create an account, Pinterest will assign you an account name. We recommend you change it to match your existing brand name or if you are new to Affiliate Marketing use a name that includes keywords associated with your niche this will help you rank higher on Pinterest’s algorithm in your chosen niche. After this, you will need a bio. It is recommended that you insert some keywords into your bio that relate to your niche.

These are the steps follow when wondering how to set up your Pinterest profile for Affiliate offers. Now let’s check our our top tips for high conversions on Pinterest with Pins and boards!

Tips for Affiliates creating Pins and Boards on Pinterest

Let’s talk about how pins can be used to boost SEO on Pinterest. You must optimize your pins by creating titles and descriptions that relate to your niche. For example, if you are promoting an eBook, some keywords you could use include e-book recommendations, e-book genres, e-book reviews, e-book bestsellers, or e-book trends. This will help the algorithm share your content with your affinity audience.

Create your Pins and add them to your board

Now it’s time to be creative. There are two ways in which you can source content for your Pinterest, either you create the content through a program or you repurpose content from the company you are promoting or other content creators. It is very important that you credit the original creator if you choose to repurpose their content as failure to do so could get your content reported or reduce your trust and credibility on the network. Add a title and a description to each Pin you create and make sure you include keywords that relate to your product. Then, you can then add your affiliate link. This is the best steps when considering how pins can be used to boost SEO on Pinterest

Pin to Group Boards

Pins need to be added to a board in a similar way to creating the description and title. You should make sure it relates to your keywords to help it rank higher in the Pinterest search engine. It also helps keep your ideas organized and easy to find. Additionally, there are shared Pinterest boards that multiple Pinterest users Pin to. Find creators you like and build a relationship so you can collaborate and both start increasing your revenue. There is enough space in Affiliate Marketing for all!

Tips for high conversions on Pinterest: What are the best ways to use Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing campaigns?

  1. Know the rules: check out Pinterest’s terms of service before creating your account to ensure your offers are allowed on the site. 
  1. Creating copy for your profile: If you are struggling to think of something to add, why not use Chat GPT for some inspiration? For example, In your work with Home Improvements your prompt could be ‘Write me an example of a Pinterest bio with the words ‘solar panels’ and ‘Doors’ in it’ and Chat GPT will come back with something like ‘Passionate about sustainable living and home improvement. Sharing inspiration for solar panels and stylish doors to enhance your space. Let’s create a brighter and more beautiful future together! 🌞🚪 #SolarPanels #Doors #HomeImprovement’. As you can see it’s not perfect and will need to be refined but it can be really helpful in sparking an idea.
  1. Shorten your Affiliate links: To ensure your links don’t get marked as spam you will need to shorten them. You can do this by using Bitly URL Shortener or TinyURL
  1. Tag products: Instead of linking your Affiliate code to your pins you can tag them directly on the image. This works particularly well for verticals like Home Improvements, Health&Beauty, and eBooks. it will reduce the steps for your end user and increase the likelihood of a conversion. 
  1. Be consistent and patient: Having a business account on Pinterest will allow you to schedule posts for a whole month which is a huge benefit to saving time and ensuring consistent posting. Remember, if it was easy everyone would do it.t can take time to build authority and your audience on Pinterest, but if you dedicate some time every month to it you will reap the rewards! 
  1. Batch create content: When you create a business account with Pinterest you have additional tools, like for instance content schedulers. You can work smarter by using a program like Canva to create pins. When starting your account we recommended to create about 20 pins per board and 5 /10 boards to start building your authority. Once you create them, you can schedule for a new one to be added to your board based on your strategy. We do not recommend uploading all pins at one time as you will have more SEO success if you add them over time.
  1. Collect emails for retargeting: You may not get your conversions on Pinterest straight away. Then, it is a good idea to add your landing page or email list in your bio so people interested in your niche can sign up to receive updates on your offers. 
  1. Optimize for SEO: You can edit a Pin’s information at any time and move it to any board. If you are not having success with a certain pin why not try editing the information, it can make a big difference to where it appears on the end users’ search results.

Conclusion: Using Pinterest for Affiliate offers

There is no quick way to increase your ROI in Affiliate Marketing but by partnering with TORO Advertising and using multiple traffic sources you are increasing your reach and likelihood of conversions. If you are not yet a member of TORO Advertising sign up now and see how TORO Advertising can help you reach your Affiliate goals today!