Super Affiliate Interview: iAmAttila

Where are you from and where are you based now? I can thank my success to the very ‘well traveled’ childhood I experienced.  I was born in Yugoslavia to Hungarian parents, moved to Brazil when I was 6, then lived in Hungary for 4 years before emigrating to Canada.

In addition, I finished my education in Canada, then I moved back to Europe and currently live in Budapest, Hungary.  All this travel and living in different places has exposed me to many cultures and experiences that have helped to grow my interests in many things, but more on this later…

How old are you? I’m unsure, because I stopped counting 🙂 Just kidding, I was born in 1983, so that will make me 38 years old this year. Which is insane, I feel like I’m 20, tops!  

When and how did you get into affiliate marketing and what were you doing before?

This is always a fun story to tell. Before getting into affiliate marketing, I used to organize big all-night dance parties professionally. It wasn’t until I moved to Europe, and lost all the savings, that I had no choice but to look for an opportunity to make money somehow.

My wife suggested I look into what my friend (who also moved back to the EU from Canada) was doing,  he was driving a brand new M3 so he was doing well…  I looked into it and learned he was a coder. I realized that wouldn’t work for me because I am not logical, I am much more creative.     

So I began doing some research and I discovered an amazing webmaster community, from that I started building my own sites for SEO and in the process met some nice people who suggested that I should write content for them. So it all began with a tiny little content writing company and my SEO site network.

Tell us about one of your biggest successes as an affiliate marketer? I had multiple successes as an affiliate marketer because I am always evolving and adapting to change. My first big success was promoting Clean Master and DU Speed Booster, I was able to scale these two apps install campaigns to every GEO I could, and I hit 7 figures in profit with it.

Then I had a big success in trials for Nutra and skincare in Tier2 GEOs, which I then followed with COD in Asian GEOs, after that I moved into lead generation.

I am a serial entrepreneur that just gets a rush from change and learning new stuff.

When and why did you start your affiliate marketing blog I started my blog in 2013 because I love to write and it helps me remember to write stuff down.   My first posts were mostly notes, and tutorials on how to do stuff so that I would remember everything, and it all grew from that.

What kind of blog posts do you write? These days I write mostly guides and long tutorials that show how to use tools like Adplexity for specific purposes.  

What kind of success has the blog had? The blog is very successful,  I mean you invited me for an interview, so I must be quite famous to get an invitation from you! 😀   All joking aside, the blog is a great success and I believe it’s because it just tells it like it is. Unlike others that sell courses, I can say whatever the hell I want.

Tell us about your iAmAffiliate premium community and what do members get out of it?

iAmAffiliate premium community is an online forum for advanced affiliate marketers. The biggest benefit of joining the forum is being able to ask questions that are relevant to YOU.

You can get 1 on 1 help from me inside iAmAffiliate and many other experienced affiliate marketers. On top of the hand holding, there’s a ton of guides covering everything from Facebook Ads to Lead Generation using Lead Magnets and really clever blackhat workarounds for daily issues on paid traffic sources.

We also publish weekly spy reports that expose the top money-making campaigns of other affiliates, including their ads and landing pages across many verticals and niches.

You wrote a book about affiliate marketing, tell us about it? Yup, I wrote probably the very best beginner’s guide to affiliate marketing. It gets straight to the point and shows how anyone can get started in this business. 

It’s perfect for anyone who has no clue about what affiliate marketing with paid ads is, but wants to be ‘rich’ like his affiliate marketing friends who drive a Porsche.  

In short, I wrote this book so I can give it to all the people I meet who ask “SO WHAT DO YOU DO?”  Explaining it to clueless people is a long, tedious job, so this book makes it easy! “HERE, read this book!” 😀

Where can affiliates buy the book? The book is for sale on Amazon, just search for it “From Zero to Super Affiliate” It’s available in English, Italian, French, Spanish and German.

What’s the best piece of advice you can give to a newbie wanting to start in affiliate marketing? Here are 4 tips to get a newbie started:

1 – Read my book, it teaches the fundamentals a beginner needs to know in a very easy-to-understand manner.

2 –  Collect a minimum of $1,000 that you can afford to lose, think of this as an investment in your affiliate marketing career. It will be the ‘getting your feet wet’ budget.

3 –  Use a spy tool and see how others are running things and only run stuff that’s proven to work.

4 – Join a community like iAmAffiliate where you can get valid and honest answers and advice, not BS made up shit by fake gurus/influencers who never run campaigns but make their money from Youtube videos or selling courses.

Do you have any tips for what will be big in 2021? 2 things will be huge:

  • Ecommerce will continue to grow, branded ecom and niched ecom stores.
  • Lead generation, as businesses are struggling, they will need help from marketers to get them new clients.

Being so successful, tell us a bit about what your lifestyle is like being a Super Affiliate… What are the good points and the bad points? I’m an entrepreneur, so the definite bad point is being obsessed with doing all this and non-stop learning. So much so I work 12-14 hour days just because it’s fun.

There’s a lot of sitting, which sucks as you age, and also the monitors put a strain on your eyes. I never thought I’d say this because when I was in my teens, I could sit without moving from the PC all day long for at least 10 hours and my vision was 20/20.

But now, at 38, I can’t read small text on my phone and at night everything becomes blurry and it’s not enjoyable. Also, I can’t sit long at the PC and need to get out and move around.

Now for the positives! I make as much $$$ in a few weeks as others do in a year, I can work whenever I want, day or night, from wherever (although not right now due to COVID).  

I made all my dreams come true, and can pretty much buy whatever I want whenever. My biggest worry is not being able to pay the bills, but about ZUCCY BANNING ME ON FACEBOOK randomly for no reason.

In Conclusion… Thank you for this interview, it was a pleasure.   If anyone wants to reach me feel free to add me on Facebook or LinkedIn. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make your dreams come true, it’s one of the best, legitimate ways to make money online and have the ability to work from anywhere you want in my opinion.  



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