The 8 most profitable verticals for Push Ads [Updated]

The 8 most profitable verticals for Push Ads

Push Notification advertising is not new and affiliate marketers have been using the format for almost a decade. Despite many new ad formats released since then, Push ads still remain powerful and profitable. In fact, according to Criton, Push Notifications have an open rate of 90% and boost app engagement by 88%. In this article, we will explain what Push ads are in detail, show you the most profitable verticals for Push Ads and some great tips to help you get more conversions.


What are Push Ads

Push Ads are a form of online advertising which delivers short messages that show up directly on the users’ desktop or mobile devices via Push Notifications. So, when a notification with text displays on your phone, that is a Push Notification. For affiliates, the great thing about Push Ads is that this method connects your ad with a tailored audience in a user-friendly and visual way. 

Types of Push Ads 

Let’s look at the different types of Push Ad Notifications:

Web Push Notification

This is a message sent from a website browser and it appears on a user’s device such as a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. When the users click on the notification they are redirected to a product offer or a landing page. In addition, web push traffic is consent-based as the user must first opt-in and accept that they want to receive push messages from the web publisher before sending the notification.

In-App Push Notification

This is a message that users receive from an application on a mobile device. These notifications are more targeted and context-based as the communication will differ depending on the user.

In-Page Push Notification

This is a type of banner ad that is displayed directly on a publisher site’s webpage, but it is designed to look like a Push Notification. This format doesn’t require the end user to opt in to receive the message and is fully responsive across mobile, web, and tablet. 

What do Push Ad Notifications look like?

Essential components:

  • Title
  • Short text
  • Image
  • Emojis

What are some advantages of Push Ad traffic?

  • High versatility with verticals and offers
  • Effective at catching users’ attention immediately
  • Easy to A/B test different creatives 
  • Low-risk pricing model
  • Low fraud and higher engagement
  • Push Notifications are really visual
  • Better retargeting opportunities across devices

6 Push tips for a high-performing affiliate marketing campaign

Awesome! Before we get into the most profitable verticals for Push Ads, here are our great tips to help get you conversions:

#1 Split your campaigns into mobile and desktop as the bids can differ between different devices and the campaign will be easier to optimize.

#2 Test your campaign with at least 5 or 6 different creatives.

#3 Characters are limited to a set amount, so use Emojis to replace words and create emotion to increase end-user reaction rates. Use them in the offer’s headline and description texts.

#4 Use powerful words such as: deal, sale, discount, grab, coupon code, best, free, save, special, win, don’t miss, earn, promo, reward, now, exclusive, checkout, limited, enjoy, cash, etc. 

5# Adapt your targeting. Think like your target audience you want to reach and try different approaches: GEOs, browsers, interests, etc. 

6# Keep it simple: Your image should be simple but eye-catching.

The 8 most profitable verticals for Push Ads

As previously mentioned, Push Ads are very versatile across various verticals. Here is a list of the most profitable verticals for Push Ads:

  • eCommerce 
  • Antivirus & Utilities
  • Dating
  • Health & Beauty
  • Sweepstakes
  • Finance
  • Gambling

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