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TORO Advertising team has experienced a significant rise in certain verticals or types of products during lockdowns and quarantine. So, one of them is Online Surveys.



Yet during this period of confinement, Online Surveys present a business opportunity for affiliates. Hence, they can earn money by promoting the surveys and rewards that companies offer in return for the completion of survey information by end-users.

Nonetheless, TORO Advertising’s platform offers many Surveys covering a range of formats including subject, number of questions, difficulty to answer, target audience, GEO in which it is available, etc.

Conversion flow of Online Survey campaigns:

There are different conversion flows for these types of campaigns: conversions can be counted when an end-user simply signs up (CPL SOI), when the user signs up and confirms some data (CPL DOI), or when the user signs up and completes a survey (CPA).

The payment for each conversion can vary depending on the flow of the campaign, the country and the target audience to which it is aimed.

The best converting sources are social, display and organic.

Here are our Top 10 converting Survey Offers for you to try:


Check out our top tips to help you convert Survey Offers


It takes time to find the perfect audience. The creation of a community on social networks to retain and interact with users can be a great help to achieve a large audience. Here are some recommendations: 

  • The percentage of participation in the surveys is usually into 60% women and 40% men.
  • Focus on ages 25-65 who are the ones that convert the most. On Facebook Ads a large part of the audience are women of adult age with free time.
  • At the time of segmentation, it is extremely important to pay attention to the demographics and interests of the users because they are the variables that will define whether the campaign will be successful or not.

Mobile vs Desktop?

The big difference is the volume of traffic with approximately 80% of the traffic being Mobile vs 20% Desktop:

  • Within Mobile traffic 70% is generally Android (1.50% CR) vs 30% iOS (1% CR)
  • Within Desktop traffic 90% is generally Windows, 10% Mac. The CR% is around 2% on Windows and 6% on Mac.


Foremost, we really recommend that you use a prelander or a funnel so that the traffic does not go directly to the offer, it is better to give the end-user more information about the survey before they register on the offer’s page. This ensures that you have a high-quality user who is happy to opt-in.

A second reason to have a prelander is that the Facebook pixel can play an important role in finding users similar to those who have interacted with the site and the social media posting.


When running a campaign, it is important to review the Survey Offer’s terms & conditions in detail to avoid any compliance problems. Common restrictions tend to not allow incent traffic, bot traffic, using words like Cash or Win in the creatives and avoiding users under 16 years old.