Twelve, the magical number

2015 Happy New Year Strands Line Glow Dark Background

Nowadays, the traditional facts have lost the importance that they had before. But, why twelve grapes? Why not twelve gums, or olives? But why eat only twelve pieces of food in that moment? Certainly, the number twelve is the magical number.  Well, in Toro we understand the true reasons around all the traditional things that we do. We understand about people, agencies, marketing, advertisement and work together to achieve the most important objectives for all the companies. This is the veritable reason for these special words for you in this “pre-special” day. Yes folks, the countdown for this year is here.

When the final of this wonderful 2014 is very near, it is the perfect moment to look back and think about all the things that we could have done. Like a Facebook review or another social tool that can offer a little vision of what the year has been, we would like to share with you a little part of our work in this year.

2014 was the best year for Toro. In one hand, we can talk about all the things and complications that we have solved. That was possible with your patience and companionship. The most essential facts about this are the experience and the knowledge that contributes to us. Thanks for everything! We hope that we’ll be able work together next year.

In the other hand, we can talk about our family in the offices. Yes, the Toro family is growing gradually!

If we talk about our goals achieved this year we can say that we have been able to reach more countries than last year; and we have offered many more services and products to our affiliates and customers. The constant work and our attention and passion for this work allow us to grow and consolidated our mission and objectives.

But those goals achieved in this big and important 2014 aren’t enough for us. For next year, we have a lot of specials offers for new countries. We’ll work in more countries and with new agencies and publishers offering more services and tools to suit your necessities and help with your objectives. In this moment, Toro Advertising is thinking about new creative ways to rise in this world.

To sum up, we can talk about the importance about networking in our lives. Every month, companies spend more money and efforts in this new type of advertisement than in traditional advertisement. The amount of corporations that trust this media are growing gradually. Yes, this is the best way to talk with yours costumers.

But this isn’t a long and ‘gloomy’ goodbye; this is a little gratitude for everyone who helped us. Without you, this superb year wouldn’t have been possible. We hope that we keep this feedback with you.

Best wishes for this New Year from Toro Advertising. We wish you to have the funniest night this 31th of December in the company of the ones you love.