Video Chat WAP


Our company

Toro Advertising offers the widest variety of campaigns in terms of channels in order to be able to please and do business with any potential client we might have. This is why we do not close any legal door in our company. We try to reach every channel in order to see if it can be exploited with a fully functional client and this is why we work to get offers of all types.

Sex is something that sells, we all know that, and more if we talk about Internet or in online terms. We get campaigns of adult dating, chat rooms, etc. All this is to be run in adult sites or traffic where adult content is allowed. If you have this traffic, we can provide you with offers that will bring fast income to your wallet.

In Toro, we know how to deal with CPA campaigns as much as we have mastered the management of our CPM traffic. There are plenty of countries for which we can supply adult campaigns, and this one we are presenting today is no exception.

Video Chat WAP offer

Meet Video Chat WAP offer, a CPA offer that will surely work in your traffic. It is targeted for IN only, at least at the moment. The conversion rate is $0.35 considering the country for which it is available. It is higher already than most of the offers you might find for that country, so my personal advice is that you pick it up. The offer is only available for WAP traffic, not web. Also, the only carrier available for this offer is Vodafone. Nonetheless, this offer can run in Android, Java and Blackberry devices.

It can be run in several browsers as well, including Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome. Even Internet Explorer can be used! The restrictions are the typical ones that we find in WAP offers, like no Wi-Fi traffic, No pops, no proxy, etc.

If you have adult traffic in IN, this is your offer. Do not think it twice and give it a try, you will not regret it.