Wingames – Win a Camera (CL)


Raffles tend to be popular when the participation requirements are easy to fulfill and the prize is good. Promotional raffles are a very good example of this. When a company is trying to boost its popularity, they organize a raffle in order to gift one of their products to a potential new client. The company’s name spreads and they get information to gather new clients.

Thanks to the internet, this can be done online. The method of participation may vary depending on the company and the gift, but it is always a good option to keep it simple. As there is plenty of online participation as well, it is an amazing idea to exploit that massive traffic.

Windgames’ offer

We have come here today to present a raffle/survey offer called Wingames (Win a Camera). It is a CPL offer that only requires the client to introduce their email in order to participate in the raffle, where the prize is a camera. This campaign is available for CL at the moment at the price of 0.30€ per lead. Depending on the traffic, this offer might work even better than the regular CPL offers of games.

There are some restrictions regarding traffic, including incent traffic, P2P sites traffic, File sharing traffic, adult content traffic, political content traffic or religious content traffic. It has a daily cap of 25 conversions so it does not get flooded. This offer also has some additional specifications you can find in its description, inside our platform; it only accepts national IPs and the Opt-out clause is 24/48, among a couple more.

This might look like a lot of restrictions but worry not! The fact that it has so many restrictions only demonstrates that the offer performs correctly when the traffic is the appropriate. The rest is nothing but minimal instructions to be followed, so the campaign makes money for you. Ask for it to your Account Manager and keep trusting Toro Advertising.