Privacy Policy

Please read our Privacy Policy carefully

1.- Object of the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy of Great Marketing Solutions S.L. regulates the obtaining, use and other forms of processing personal data provided by Users on this website or in any of the Internet environment of the entity.

By means of the implementation of the forms included in the website, with reference to the services provided by Great Marketing Solutions S.L., users accept the inclusion and the treatment of the data that they provide in a processing of personal data, which Great Marketing Solutions S.L. is the owner, being able to exercise the relevant rights according to the exposed in the following clauses.

Great Marketing Solutions S.L. acts as the owner, facilitator and content manager of this website. Great Marketing Solutions S.L. informs users that it complies with the data protection regulations in force and, in a special way, with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of The Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (onwards, General Data Protection Regulation) and with the Law 34/2002, of 11 July, about Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce.

All legal texts are available to users and/or interested in the corresponding website.

2.- Who is the responsible for the processing of your personal data?

Great Marketing Solutions S.L. is the responsible of the collection and the processing of your personal data in relation with their services.

Notice that under no circumstances will Great Marketing Solutions S.L. be held responsible for the data collected by customers and/or users used by affiliates, webmasters or advertisers who contract the services of Great Marketing Solutions S.L., being these responsible for the processing of data.

Great Marketing Solutions S.L. is compromised to respect and be care of your privacy and the security of your data.

The identify data of the controller are: Great Marketing Solutions S.L., with CIF B55642474, and established in C/ Rivera Sans, 5, (Hospitalet Infant), 43890, Tarragona.

3.- What kind of data are we collecting?

In accordance with the provisions in the regulation in force, Great Marketing Solutions S.L. only collects the data strictly necessary to offer the services derived from its activity and other benefits, managements and activities attributed by the Law.

By means of this website, and with the aim of providing the best service for affiliates and advertisers, Great Marketing Solutions S.L. captures information or data that can identify you directly or indirectly: name, email, phone number, address and bank account information for commision payment purposes.

The users are informed that the information you provide in the forms included in this website is voluntary, although the refusal to provide the requested information may imply the impossibility of accessing the services that require it.

4.- For what purpose/s are we collecting your data?

The purposes and legal basis for which we collect such data are:

- Management of consults and requests by the users through this website. The legal basis of this treatment is your consent.

- Email notifications for affiliates informing about changes of advertisers terms and conditions, offer payout modifications and new traffic restrictions. The legal basis of this data treatment is executed by the enforcement of the Affiliate Affiliate T&C agreement.

- Management of the registration and operation of the affiliate platform. The legal basis of this data treatment is executed by the enforcement of the Affiliate Affiliate T&C agreement.

It is informed that will not be carried out automated evaluations and will not develop user profiles.

5.- To which recipients will your data be communicated?

With the aim of obtaining the plenty satisfaction of our clients, we informed that all the data that you have proportionated and the data you will proportionate belong your relationship with Great Marketing Solutions S.L. will be processing with the maximum confidentiality.

The data can be communicated to the following recipients:

  • Third parties that help us to provide Information Technology services, such as platform providers, hosting services, maintenance and support in our databases, as well as in our software and applications that may contain data about you.
  • Third parties that help us to provide digital and e-commerce services such as social listening, store locator, loyalty programs, identity management, ratings and reviews, CRM, web analytics and search engine, content healing tools generated by the user.

Great Marketing Solutions S.L. will collaborate with the aim that third parties comply with the legislation in force, although the responsibility will be demandable to the third parties.

Great Marketing Solutions S.L. does not sell, rent or transfer the personal data of the users of this website, except in the case that is necessary for the provision of their services.

6.- How long do we keep your personal data?

Personal data will be kept while the user does not state otherwise and for the legally established conservation periods, unless for logical and obvious reasons they have lost the usefulness or the legitimate purpose for which they were collected.

7.- What are the rights of the users that provide us their data?

Users may exercise, in relation with the data collected by the way described in the first point, the rights recognized in the General Data Protection Regulation, and, the rights of portability, access, rectification, deletion and limitation to the processing.

The rights referred above, may be exercised by each user by written and signed request, accompanied by a photocopy of DNI, NIE or Passport, addressed to the following address: C/ Rivera Sans, 5, (Hospitalet Infant), 43890, Tarragona. They can also send this information by email to the address

Moreover, users are informed that they can withdraw their consent for the processing of their data at any time, as well as that they can submit a claim to the Control Authority (Spanish Agency of Data Protection) if deemed appropriate.

8.- Communication of incidence and irregularities

In the case of exist any conduct or situation that can be susceptible to generate an incidence or any king of irregularity, please contact with or in the following address: C/ Rivera Sans, 5, (Hospitalet Infant), 43890, Tarragona.

9.- Contact

If you have any doubt or preoccupation about the treatment or the use of your personal data or want to exercise any of the rights above, please contact with Great Marketing Solutions S.L. or write us at the following direction

Also, you can contact with our Data Protection Officer at the following direction

10.- User commitment

The user is the responsible of the authenticity of the provided data, which they have be accurate, current and complete for the purpose that they are provided. In any case, if the data provided in the corresponding forms was a third party the owner, the user is the responsible of the correct capture of the consent and information to the third party about the aspects reflected in this Privacy Policy.

11.- Use and content responsibility of the users

Both the access to our website and the use that may be made of the information and content included in this website, will be the unique responsible the person who made it. Therefore, the use that can be made of the information, images, content and/or products reviewed and accessible through it, will be subjected by the legality, whether national or international, applicable, as well as the principles of good faith and lawful use by the users, who will be responsible for this access and correct use

Therefore, the use that can be made of the information, images, content and / or products reviewed and accessible through it, will be subject to the legality, whether national or international, applicable, as well as the principles of good faith and use. lawful by the users, who will be entirely responsible for said access and correct use. The users will be obliged to make a reasonable use of the services or contents, under the principle of good faith and with respect to current legislation, morals, public order, good customs, the rights of third parties or the own company, all according to the possibilities and purposes for which they are designed.

12.- LSSI-CE Information

In compliance with the duty of information contemplated in the article 10 of the Law 34/2012, of July 11, Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, we inform you that the dynamizer and content management of the website where you can download different applications and/or information is Great Marketing Solutions S.L. established at C / Rivera Sans, 5, (Hospitalet Infant), 43890, Tarragona, and with the management of the Internet domain registered in the corresponding registry, attending to communications from users and/or interested through the e-mail

Any other commercial, trade, administrative or contracting activity of goods and/or services is the responsibility of the company mentioned above, owner of this domain.

13.- Information about cookies

We inform that we use cookies with the aim of improve the navigation experience in our website and bring you a better service. To obtain more information about the cookies and how we use them, please read our Cookies Policy.

14.- Information of the use of other websites and social networks

The company is only responsible for the contents and the management of the websites of which it is the owner or has a right of similar nature. Any other website or social network or repository of information on the Internet, outside of this website, is the responsibility of its legitimate owners.

Great Marketing Solutions S.L. collaborates in an ordinary way with different applications and webs environments, and it always recommends to the users that, before accessing in theses websites, please read accurately the corresponding legal advertisement and privacy policy, and only access them once they have understood and accepted in its entirety legal text.

Great Marketing Solutions S.L. is committed to control the contents that are exposed in these social networks and will expel those users who make an incorrect use in them.

Great Marketing Solutions S.L. recommends, following instructions from the National Institute of Communication Technologies (INTECO) and the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD), for the use of social networks or navigation in Web environments, the execution of the following actions:

  • It is recommended that all users resort to the use of personal pseudonyms or nicknames with which to operate over the Internet, allowing them to have an authentic “digital identity” that does not compromise the security of their personal and professional lives.
  • It is recommended that users take special care when publishing audiovisual and graphic content in their profiles, since in this case they may be placing the privacy and privacy of people in their environment at risk.
  • It is recommended to review and read, both in the moment prior to user registration, and subsequently, the general conditions of use and the privacy policy that the platform makes available on their websites.
  • It is recommended to adequately configure the degree of privacy of the user profile in the social network, so that it is not completely public, but only those people who have been classified as “friends” have access to the information published in the profile or “direct contacts” previously by the user.
  • It is recommended to accept as a contact only those people known or with whom you have a prior relationship, not compulsively accepting all contact requests you receive and investigating whenever possible and necessary, who is the person requesting your contact through the social network.
  • It is recommended not to publish in the user profile physical contact information, which allows anyone to know where they live, where they work or study daily or the leisure places they usually frequent.
  • To the users of microblogging tools, it is recommended to take special care regarding the publication of information regarding the places where they are always.
  • It is recommended to use and publish only content with respect to which there is sufficient intellectual property rights. Otherwise, the user will be committing a civil offense protected by national courts.
  • It is recommended that users use different user names and passwords to enter the different social networks of which they are members.
  • It is recommended to use passwords with a minimum length of 8 characters, alphanumeric and with capital and lowercase letters.
  • It is recommended that all users have installed and properly updated antivirus software on their computers.
  • Minors should not disclose excessive personal data. Never give data to strangers.
  • All the information concerning the website must be read. It explains who are the owners of the same and the purpose for which the data is requested.
  • If the user is under fourteen years of age, the consent of the parent tutors is also needed. In these cases, whenever data is requested by a social network should ask the parents or guardians to see if they approve the subscription or not.
  • Usernames and passwords should not be communicated to third parties, nor shared among friends or classmates. These data are private and should not be communicated to third parties and/or strangers.
  • Whenever there is any doubt regarding any situation that derives from the use of social networks and collaborating tools, parents or guardians should be asked.
  • The computer must be kept in a common area of the house.
  • Rules should be established on the use of the Internet at home.
  • Parents should know the operation and possibilities of this type of platforms, both positive and negative.
  • Activate parental control and platform control tools, as well as establish parent or guardian mail as a secondary contact email.
  • Make sure that age verification controls are in place.
  • Ensure the correct installation of the content blocker.
  • Raise awareness and inform minors about aspects related to security.
  • Explain to children that they never have to meet people they have met in the online world and that if they do so it must always be in the company of their parents or guardians.
  • Ensure that minors know the risks and implications of hosting content such as videos and photographs, as well as the use of webcams through social networks.
  • Control the minor's user profile.
  • Make sure that the child only accesses the pages recommended for their age.
  • Make sure that children do not use their full name.

This Privacy Policy may vary over time due to possible legislative changes, jurisprudence or by the criteria followed by the Spanish Agency of Data Protection and/or the competent authority in any time. That is why Great Marketing Solutions S.L. reserves the right to modify the legal advice. In this case, Great Marketing Solutions S.L. will announce in this website, the changes introduced with sufficient advance to its implementation.