September 2015 Posts


Commerce is and always be part of humanity and a crucial piece for the functioning of societies. There are APPs that help us on our everyday purchases, from ordering food or to find a good place to buy groceries (even buying the latter). I am pretty sure though that there is something missing, something that you would like to have some indications about.

When you go to Ebay, you always expect to get what you are looking for, nearer to your location. Unfortunately, maybe what you are looking for is not near, but worry not! This is why Shpock has been invented for. With this APP, you will be able to find what you are looking for. From flea markets to car boot sales,  you will be able to browse among the offers you may find near your town or city.

At the moment, we are offering Shpock on UK and DE but of course, this might change in the near future when new GEOs are opened for this APP. The price is $0.85. As many other offers, this one has restrictions on its traffic, but nothing abnormal. Incent and adult traffic are not allowed, as well as duplicated leads, ads icons, redirects and such. The creatives will be provided by the advertiser and we will provide them to you, no problem on that.

If you have mainstream traffic or you run APPs, choose Shpock from Toro’s platform so we keep making your wallet grow!

Wingames – Win a Camera (CL)

Raffles tend to be popular when the participation requirements are easy to fulfill and the prize is good. Promotional raffles are a very good example of this. When a company is trying to boost its popularity, they organize a raffle in order to gift one of their products to a potential new client. The company’s name spreads and they get information to gather new clients.

Thanks to the internet, this can be done online. The method of participation may vary depending on the company and the gift, but it is always a good option to keep it simple. As there is plenty of online participation as well, it is an amazing idea to exploit that massive traffic.

We have come here today to present a raffle/survey offer called Wingames (Win a Camera). It is a CPL offer that only requires the client to introduce their email in order to participate in the raffle, where the prize is a camera. This campaign is available for CL at the moment at the price of 0.30€ per lead. Depending on the traffic, this offer might work even better than the regular CPL offers of games.

There are some restrictions regarding traffic, including incent traffic, P2P sites traffic, File sharing traffic, adult content traffic, political content traffic or religious content traffic. It has a daily cap of 25 conversions so it does not get flooded. This offer also has some additional specifications you can find in its description, inside our platform; it only accepts national IPs and the Opt-out clause is 24/48, among a couple more.

This might look like a lot of restrictions but worry not! The fact that it has so many restrictions only demonstrates that the offer performs correctly when the traffic is the appropriate. The rest is nothing but minimal instructions to be followed so the campaign makes money for you. Ask for it to your Account Manager and keep trusting Toro Advertising.

Sparta: War of Empires

We are coming back presenting a new game that might be what you need to get your German traffic start monetizing back again; Today is time for Sparta: War of Empires. As we established in our review of War Thunder, Germany is a hard country to get high monetization depending on the channel used.

This is why in Toro Advertising we focused on trying to be as specific and efficient as possible, working only the fields that will produce benefits. CPL campaigns always work well with the appropriate traffic; this is why we are bringing this offer on a CPL basis.

Sparta: War of Empires is available in DE for the time being; new GEOs might be available in our platform soon. It is a free to play strategy game centered on base management and war weighing. These games have a very big amount of players, so clients are frequent, leaving a regular monetization as a result.

The offer is a Single Opt-in one, so the conversion is easy and fast, getting $3 for each conversion. There are some traffic restrictions for this campaign, not accepting incent traffic, adult traffic, mobile traffic, SEM traffic or content locking.

If you have entertainment or gaming traffic in DE, make sure to try Sparta: War of Empires. Let the money go into your wallet!

MV – Download games

There are different types of CPA campaigns, each one displaying an individual conversion flow. The less time takes the pixel to fire the better that is why CPM and CPC traffic is always the best chance. But we are not talking about CPM here but CPA. As you already know, we spend plenty of time working with CPA campaigns, as we have a lot of publishers interested in this type of offer.

You can be one of them! New possibilities arrive when less expected, so maybe you soon get a door to CPA as well. ID is a GEO where these offers perform very well and this is why we are presenting you today this Download Game – MV campaign for both mobile and website.

This responsive offer is available for ID at the moment and it targets the carriers (mobile version) Indosat and Satelindo. It can be run in all the devices but of course it has some restrictions in the traffic to be run. Whatsapp traffic is restricted, as well is incent, push notifications or adult traffic. Misleading creative will not be accepted.

You can get this offer at the price of $0.15 for each conversion, which is triggered by Pin-Submit. If you have available traffic for this offer, have it a try, it works very well on mainstream and gaming channels.

Flix – LP1

Today we are going back to our roots and present again our most beneficial and worthy channel; Entertainment. Our vast CPM network offers to our clients the highest quality traffic in regards of entertainment. We can cover webs of streaming, games, downloads, torrents and so on in almost every country in the world.

This is why we always get the best options for that type of traffic, your traffic. We are very experienced on this field and thus we acquire what is more profitable for entertainment websites. It is better to have the good one running except of having 4 that do not run that well.

Today we present you Flix, a CPS offer totally focused on entertainment traffic. The pixel of this campaign is fired right after the pin submission. The offer covers many countries, though the landing page we are presenting now is for AU/CA/NZ only.

The price is $20 per conversion and the campaign is uncapped, so imagine how much money you can make if your traffic is high quality. There are some restrictions in the traffic accepted, for instance, adult or incent are not allowed.

If you are focused on entertainment or you have that type of traffic, check this offer out, it is working very well at the moment. We always present our hottest campaigns here so you know what to choose in case you are lost. Trust us and you will see your productivity going up!