6 tips to boost your Facebook Ads

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Introduction to Facebook Ads

When was the last time you logged in to Facebook? Easy question, right? We assume that many of you, either for business or in your spare time, use Facebook daily. In fact, almost everyone uses Facebook, it’s the biggest social network with over 2.7 billion monthly active users as of Q2/2020 according to Statista. Just as people are on Facebook, companies, and brands are also there, developing their advertising strategies to attract a higher and more qualified audience based on their products and services. 

Facebook is well aware of the leverage social media has for people when it comes to asking for an opinion about any product, searching for testimonials, contacting companies to find out the credibility of a brand, etc. This ensures that people play an important role in whatever companies are involved in. Facebook introduces products and customers in the same place by enhancing visibility and awareness and displaying the right advertisements to the most suitable audience. 

Why Facebook Ads rather than other platforms?

Despite the rise of other social media platforms like TikTok and Snapchat, Facebook remains the most popular channel for advertisements for both small and large companies for B2B & B2C ads. There are multiple reasons why companies use Facebook Ads:

  • They reach specific audiences based on their interests, behaviors and demographics. Facebook was the pioneer of letting brands reach lookalike audiences who are likely to be interested in products based on the data Facebook collects.
  • Facebook Ads are highly customizable and easy to work with.
  • There is a large range of ad formats, delivery selections and bidding options.
  • Companies can set a cost-effective budget and have full control of spending.
  • Facebook Ads offer robust retargeting, based on actions taken on your website, app, or even on actions taken within Facebook. For example, how many times users watch a video as well as the time spent watching it. 
  • It allows measurement of the effectiveness of your ads based on a variety of placements (Facebook feed, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Audience Network such as Tinder app, etc). Hence, brands can easily optimize depending on the placement which generates the highest results.

Our 6 tips!

#1 Set a clear goal 

The goal is the core of your campaign. You create strategies according to the goal you want to achieve. In this way, before starting with the ads, the first step is to decide the goal you want to accomplish, for example: 

  • Get more visitors to your website
  • Promote your page
  • Get more leads
  • Find new buyers

#2 Target the right audience

Setting up the right audience for your campaign is crucial to making it work. The fact is that Facebook ads tools and features, such as Facebook Audiences Insights, encourage your opportunities and easily help you to get the right audience. In this section, it’s appropriate to invest time in segmentation, experimentation, and investigation in order to get to know your audience. 

Furthermore, this year Facebook has released the new Facebook Attribution tool that allows you to get a solid understanding of the customer journey. So companies are capable of knowing where their customers are coming from such as mobile, desktop, Instagram, company website, etc. 

In fact, Facebook’s machine learning has been empowered over the last few years with big data from users all over the world, making your Facebook ads a great opportunity for growth. 

#3 The power of video and pictures

The power of visual content is undeniable because it easily impacts the audience and receives effective engagement and interaction from them. People love visuals, so get more involved with visual content compared to text. TikTok has increased the trend of sharing video content, most companies have started developing social strategies based on video. According to wyzow, 92% of marketers who use video say that it’s an important part of their marketing strategy. 78% of video marketers also say that video has directly helped them increase sales. So ideas could be to create video content related to customer testimonials, introducing your company, services, motivational quotes, benefits of your product, consumers using your product, etc. 

#4 Use a landing page

A landing page with Facebook ads is the perfect way to drive your audience to your sales funnel. Using a landing page will provide you with insights and behaviors from your audience, so that you can collect this data to adapt your sales and marketing actions to meet their needs and get them interested in your product. 

Nevertheless, you can also send users to Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. If your goal is to generate potential customers, Facebook allows you to collect their data in a native form. In this way, Facebook attracts new leads without the need to leave the platform, making the buying process more simple, quick, and trustworthy. 

#5 Create a custom schedule

Creating a calendar schedule will help you to invest your efforts in the right actions. Facebook Ads need to have a controlled follow-up for optimization. It’s necessary to set a custom schedule to analyze the results accurately within a timeframe. If you follow a custom schedule, it will provide you the chance to focus on profitable actions and stop what is causing you to lose money.

#6 Analyze the results accurately

Sometimes analyzing the results can make you feel upset with the feeling that you have wasted your time. However, the fact is analyzing the results of your campaign makes the difference in it being a success or not. It’s crucial to analyze and reanalyze every action which has a clear goal based on time. 

Best performing campaigns using Facebook Ads

Wondering which campaign would fit best with Facebook ads? Check out our suggestions below based on TORO’s best performing campaigns:

14820 Australia (AU) – NectarContests – $5000 Cash Voucher (Responsive)
15075 All Countries – AliExpress – Flash Deals – 2.40% – 72.00% (Responsive)
15128 Chile (CL) – Cerafit – Sarten Antiadherente (Responsive)
15026 Mexico (MX) – Solicitud Vexi – Tarjeta Vexi (Responsive)
14178 Italy (IT) – Supermoney – Energy – Multistep (Responsive)
15071 Spain (ES) – Shampora (Responsive)
13308 Multiple GEOs – Branded Surveys – LP1 (Responsive)
15057 Portugal (PT) – Deco Proteste – Kit Smartphone (Responsive) – Facebook
14845 United Kingdom (UK) – Toluna Influencers (Responsive)
14955 United States (US) – AxInsure.com – Health Insurance (Responsive)