Skyforge – Closed Beta

It is time to review another one of our exclusive offers, and the model we are choosing today is CPS. We normally understand CPA as Cost per Action, in which many times the so called action is a payment. This is when CPS makes its entrance, CPS standing for Cost per Sale. The campaign we are reviewing today is called Skyforge.

This is a new game that was released not much time ago and it is even in Closed Beta. For those who do not know much about videogames basically means that the game is still under development but some players have the chance to try it and tell if the game is good and what should be changed. This is what our offer brings, access to the game.

In order to do this, the player has to go through the landing page that shows the available packs that they can buy, and just get one. Then, the conversion is done. For every sale, you get $8, which is a very good price considering that this type of games (MMORPG) are very popular among PC gamers and they generally bring conversions for this type of game. In other words, they are not afraid of paying in order to enjoy the game.

Moreover, the fact that the game is in closed beta and cannot be accessed by everyone makes it exclusive for payers, which means that if they want to try the game, they are forced to go through the payment.

The countries targeted are English speaking (US/CA/AU/UK) which are also the countries that more PC gamers overall have. Apart from that, the offer accepts incent traffic, which means that the amounts of traffic you can give it are bigger.

Contact your Account Manager and ask for this amazing offer if you have desktop and gaming related traffic, you will not regret it!