Traffic Sources and Verticals – the Perfect Match

At some point I expect that you have Googled “best traffic source for vertical X” or “which vertical would generate the best results with X method of traffic” or similar searches. But the reality is no best traffic source or best vertical. The truth is that there are combinations of traffic sources and verticals that can be made into the perfect match. This formula can’t be generated by itself, it’s created by experience, testing, and investigation. But, today is your lucky day, help is at hand, so read on… 

Before giving you the winning combinations, let’s talk about the best traffic sources we can work with nowadays:

  • Social Media 
  • Display with Banner or direct link
  • Search by SEO or SEM 
  • Contextual/PPV 
  • Push Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Pop Ads
  • Email marketing
  • Redirects

Top Verticals by Performance

Surveys: There is no doubt that the audience that is interested in surveys is on social media platforms. Facebook Ads provides effective and accurate promotion filters that allow you to find the most open audience for your campaigns. 

Either you own a site/blog about surveys or similar topics which encourages leads to fill out  forms and to get rewarded for doing it, you should take into consideration promoting via the display or search traffic method. Display traffic simplifies the process of placing ads on websites to attract the right leads. 

Alternatively, Google remains the top search engine in the world. Users and companies chose Google for their business. So why shouldn’t you focus your strategy on Google and take advantage of SEO & SEM opportunities.

Software – VPN and antivirus: Push Ads are a form of native advertising which delivers ads directly to the users desktop or mobile device via push notifications. The Push method connects with the right audience in a user-friendly and non-intrusive way. Native works similarly to Push traffic because it allows you to attract the attention of new audiences which you can convert into clients thanks to the large range of ad formats. Both Push and Native offer accurate segmentation and optimization features which will make your campaign successful. 

Search traffic is also a good method for these types of campaigns and it can be more effective if you mix it with contextual. Search traffic brings higher quality in the mid term, and contextual traffic provides you with the target audience by paying for the keywords related to your content and quickly sending the traffic to your site. 

Fintech Services – Loans, Insurance and Credit Score: If an end user is looking for some extra credit, they will probably Google it. This audience likes to evaluate and compare the different options on different websites to get the best deal. So developing SEO strategies linking your site with those comparison sites will drive organic and high quality traffic to your campaigns. If you don’t have a website, you can resort to media buying, sending traffic to the landing page for users to convert to comparison campaigns.

Push traffic can work well on those users searching on their phone or laptop. Native ads can do a great job with Trading and Crypto campaigns thanks to the variety of simple and attractive ad formats widely available.

Last but not least, there is Email marketing traffic which probably provides a higher traffic quality and better conversion rate. Sending out email campaigns a few days before payday can be a good opportunity!

Dating and Adult: Dating content offers can be promoted using display banners, native or push ad format due to their capacity of impact and engagement with the audience.

Social channels play a nice role with dating content because most of the brands are promoting their products on social media. Moreover, people get informed by social groups where they discuss dating sites, so you can display your campaigns to a suitable audience.

Adult content matches successfully with all ad formats from display banners, push, native and video. It is best to use an ad network that specializes in adult traffic such as Exoclick. 

Health & Beauty: Eventually, this type of vertical has become the most demanded due to the increase of e-commerce businesses and e-shopping behaviour. Facebook Ads and Google Ads can be your best ally thanks for the Facebook pixel and the remarketing opportunities which will send you continuously new leads by displaying your products to the best audience segmentation. 

Instagram goes un step forward and empowers the purchasing process by creating “Reels”, the new way to discover and shop products in the app where businesses can now tag products making them fully accessible.

Users can now view and purchase products directly from almost every part of the app: Instagram feed posts, Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, IGTV, and Reels.

Native and Push Ads can be a good choice thanks to their technology and software features which can encourage the lead in any stage of the funnel. 

Traffic Sources for Digital Marketers

Ad formats: Push, Pop-under, Banner, Interstitial and Direct link.
Top Verticals: Streaming, Download – Torrents and URL Shortener
Bidding Model: CPM and CPC
Minimum deposit: $200

Ad formats: Pop Ads, Push Ads, Direct Link, Native Ads, Pre-roll Video and Social Bar
Top Verticals: Software, E-commerce, VPN, Finance, Sweepstakes, Gambling, etc.
Bidding Model: CPM, CPA, CPI, CPC, CPL, CPO, RTB
Minimum deposit: $100

Ad formats: Push Ads, Pop Ads and Redirect
Top Verticals: Sweepstakes, Nutra, Gaming, Downloads, Adult and Cripto
Bidding Model: CPM, CPA and RTB
Minimum deposit: $100

Ad formats: Popunder, In-page, Push Ads and Native Ads
Top Verticals: Sweepstakes, Software, Casino, Nutra and Dating
Bidding Model: CPM and CPC
Minimum deposit: $100

Ad formats: Banners, Native, Fullpage Interstitial, Video, Popunders, Instant Message, Direct link, etc
Top Verticals: Adult and Dating
Bidding Model: CPM, CPC and CPV
Minimum deposit: $200

Ad formats: Native Ads (Native video, Native widgets, Smart widget and In-Content impact widget)
Top Verticals: Shopping, Dating, Gaming, Gambling and Technology
Bidding Model: CPC
Minimum deposit: $100
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Ad formats: Push Ads, Pop Ads and Native Ads
Top Verticals: E-commerce, Forex, Gaming, Sports and Health
Bidding Model: CPC and CPM
Minimum deposit: $100

Ad formats: Native Ads, Sponsored and Widgetized Ads
Top Verticals: Lead generation, Downloads, E-commerce, etc.
Bidding Model: CPC and CPM
Minimum deposit: $100

Ad formats: Push Ads and Pop Ads
Top Verticals: Antivirus, Crypto, Sweepstakes, Gambling and Betting
Bidding model: CPC & CPM
Minimum deposit: $100
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Ad formats: Push Ads, Pop Ads y Domain Redirect
Top Verticales: Surveys, Sweepstakes, Downloads, Gambling and E-commerce
Bidding model: CPV & CPC
Minimum deposit: $200
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