Exclusive partnership with Binom

Binom Tracker offers a 40% discount

Binom is a self-hosted tracking platform recognized for its speed on click-processing and building reports efficiently. The tracker’s goal is to save affiliates valuable time by giving them a quick, easy and flexible user interface packed with a long list of integrated powerful features including: click processing, analytics, advanced traffic distribution, organization and optimization.

Binom can send a click to a landing page that a user has not yet seen, as well as to an offer that the user has not yet been converted to. Additionally, fast multi-level reporting helps you quickly identify the most profitable segments of your campaign. Furthermore, the tracker allows you to work with your team, simultaneously sharing and controlling everything.  


  • Send traffic from one campaign to another and to specific paths of landing pages.
  • Track with more than 20 click metrics and handle millions of clicks per day.
  • Bidding statistics will tell you exactly what the optimum price is for each campaign or publisher.
  • Create your funnel to know exactly how Binom distributes your traffic
  • Generate the smartest white and black lists.
  • Specialized support team responds instantly to effectively take care of any issue.

TORO Advertising team aims to increase affiliates’ revenue by helping them with their daily challenges. As such, we have partnered with one of today’s leading trackers to provide affiliates with high-quality support.

Use the promo code: TORO to get free 30-day access to the tracker and a 40% discount on your first month’s subscription.