Using Spy tools for Affiliate Marketing

5 best spy tools

Affiliate marketing has become a competitive, saturated, and picky business over the last few years. Even though the current situation makes it harder to stay competitive against other affiliates, there are digital tools that help you to keep up with the competitiveness of the sector. 

The fact of the matter is that even if you have plenty of experience working in affiliation, you need to stay continuously updated on each new tiny thing that shows up or changes. It’s essential to know what’s going on before your competition realizes it. That way, you are always one step ahead, which will empower the promotion of your offer. In other words, you have to spy on your competition in order to know what’s popular and what’s out-dated!


What are Spy tools for Affiliate Marketing?

A Spy tool shows you the choices your competitors have made to promote their offers including landing pages, creatives, different traffic sources, networks, geo’s, verticals, etc. Depending on the Spy tool you use, you can find features to take advantage of, such as; most clicked landing, best converting creative, the best geo-based on a campaign, and more. Additionally, there are lots of different kinds of Spy tools that specialize in a particular traffic source like native, push notifications, SEO & PPC, Facebook ads, etc. 

How should I use Spy tools in my daily work? 

You can use a Spy tool for a range of purposes, for example, imagine you want to start promoting a software offer with push traffic. You’ve chosen the offer and you know which traffic source would fit best, however, you need to find out which creative will bring better results. In this case, a spy tool will provide you with the chance to search and match creatives by their performance and other metrics that you will find helpful (CTA, CR, Opt-in Rate, etc).

Normally, spy tools are used to inspire you and help you to create new ideas. It’s crucial to use and understand them as a helpful tool instead of seeing them as a tool to copy the strategy of other publishers. Spy tools are created to show you new angles, ad formats, and new strategies to empower your promotion. If you copy 100% of what you search, you will do the same as others, therefore your promotion won’t be any difference between your competence. Spy tools provide value for those who can understand them as helpful and inspiring platforms.

5 of the best Spy tools

TORO Advertising has collaborated with 5 of the best Spy tools on the market, which four of them offering a special discount for TORO Advertising clients:


AdPlexity states it is a complete game-changer for mobile, desktop & native intelligence. Bringing you the chance to uncover hidden campaigns, download landing pages, analyze in-app ads, etc. AdPlexity also has a really intuitive and easy-to-use interface. TORO Advertising clients can get an exclusive lifetime discount by clicking on each of the following 6 types of membership.

Mobile – Discounted price of $149 per month for lifetime. Regular price is $199.

Native – Discounted price of $169 per month for lifetime. Regular price is $249.

Desktop – Discounted price of $149 per month for lifetime. Regular price is $199.

Push – Discounted price of $129 per month for lifetime. Regular price is $149.

Adult – Discounted price of $149 per month for lifetime. Regular price is $199.

e-Commerce – Discounted price of $149 per month for lifetime. Regular price is $199.

Carriers – Discounted price of $129 per month for lifetime. Regular price is $149.


Spypush was created by media buyers specifically for media buyers, Spypush was the world’s first service for monitoring push notifications. It supports 8 advertising networks: PropellerAds, AdMaven, RichPush, Evadav, Adsterra, Tranding. Bid, DaoPush, Megapush, and monitoring of +2million push ads in +95 GEOs with 24/7 support. You can filter ads quickly such as by ad network, country, device, etc. Sort ads by popularity, duration, dates, etc.

We suggest that you search by keywords, domains and advanced boolean searching. They can scrape any landing page using their built-in downloader. Get a 20% discount on your first payment using the promocode TORO here


Spyover is a Native ad monitoring and analytics service. Monitoring 13 ad networks, 8.5 million ads, 655k landing pages in 115 countries.  Get a 30% discount using promo code TOROADS here.


Spyteg is a tool for monitoring and analysis of adult ads covering 6 ad networks: ExoClick, Juicyads, TrafficJunky, EroAdvertising, TrafficStars, TrafficFactory, +70 GEOs, +170k ads, +1.5k landing pages. E Tool helps to track competitor ads and know exactly what offers and landing pages they are promoting across native, banner and video ads. Get a 30% discount using promocode TOROADS here.


AdBeat tracks and collects desktop, mobile, pre-roll and native ads from over 120 top ad networks, 20 different countries, and competitive insights from +15k advertisers and publishers. The spy tool includes competitive monitoring which provides you a point of view of media buying strategies, top creatives, landing pages, and estimated ad spend. Try it out with a free account.