How to increase landing page conversion rate


If you’re an online marketer, you have probably heard about “landing pages” and how important they are. A landing page, it’s a webpage specifically designed for a particular marketing campaign in which the main goal is to drive traffic to it in order to achieve the action established by the marketer. 

Creating an efficient and well-designed landing page is crucial to attract the right audience as well as pushing them to convert to the objective you seek.


8 tips for increasing your landing page conversion rate

#1 Pick the right audience 

Know that the audience comes first rather than just building a landing page. Therefore, you need to decide which audience you want to attract the attention of in order to drive them to your landing page. Your landing page needs to appeal to your target, so you design it to appeal to their behaviors, needs, location, desires, interests, etc.

#2 Decide the objective and conversion goals

Set a specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely objective to focus your strategy. Establish which conversion goals will fit best according to the sales funnel stages your landing page was designed for. 

#3 Design the strategy

Keep in mind the main goal you want to achieve. Set it up with the stages of the sales funnel your users will follow. Track the pages’ traffic to find out which source your visitors came from, so you can focus your traffic investments on the most profitable sources.

#4 Take advantage of the power of visuals

It’s a fact that people are more engaged with a higher response when they are impacted by visual content rather than just plain text. We all pay more attention to visual content such as photos, videos, infographics and so on, which makes us more likely to buy a product.

According to eMarketer, customers are strongly influenced during the shopping process when they have access to user-generated visuals and reviews such as extra information regarding the product. So we encourage you to add great visuals and a reviews feature option on any landing page or thank you page.

#5 Organize the content clearly 

Make sure all information is clear and organized so that users can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. Using headlines and easy-to-read font types will facilitate user understanding of your content to increase attraction and interest. The essential elements you should include in your landing page:

  • A unique sale proposal
  • The benefits of the product
  • Visuals showing usability 
  • Social activity 
  • Why the user should buy the product
  • A call to action

#6 Use an email capture strategy

Help users convert by sending them regularly the information they need to close the deal. Usually, a non-intrusive and friendly pop-up can generate a higher response rate from users by getting them to give you their email addresses. Be relevant and give valuable content in order to make the users trust you and consider buying your product. 

#7 Track, analyze and optimize the data 

At this stage, it’s vital to ensure your landing page is generating profits at the end of the cycle. Therefore, tracking data allows you to make the proper adjustments to achieve your goals and boost revenue. 
Furthermore, it’s important to use the right tracking tools so that you can track every data point you need to make your campaign effective and profitable. 
TORO Advertising is aware of these industry requirements and that’s why we collaborate with the industry’s best tracking tools, so we can offer exclusive discounts to TORO clients. 

#8 – Speed as a ranking factor for mobile searches

Users want to find answers to their questions quickly, and studies confirm that people care about how quickly the pages load. This way, Google ranks your site according to your sites loading time. Think about how performance affects the user experience of your landing page, and work to improve that user experience. Additionally, pay attention to user-centric performance metrics by using tools such as Lighthouse and PageSpeed Insights.