Sports Smartlink 2024 – 100% Monetization

Sports Smartlink 2024 - 100% Monetization


Sports Smartlink 2024 – 100% Monetization

2024 is a big year for sport with both the Olympics and UEFA Euro 2024 just around the corner as well as Wimbledon in the UK. Now is a good time to start thinking about your Sports offers in anticipation of these worldwide events! TORO Advertising is a leading Affiliate Network with highly converting offers on the Sports Vertical with +1600 direct and exclusive offers. We have partnered with the most reputable Advertisers in the sports industry giving you, our Affiliates, access to thousands of Sports offers with competitive conditions. To help you get the most out of your campaigns we have compiled a list of smart links that will help you get directly to the offers saving you time during this summer sports season. 

What is Smartlink and how does it work?

Smartlinks are URLs that redirect your traffic directly to your offers based on information like your location or Device type. This is a fast and effective way for Affiliates to get the most out of their offers and get the highest revenue possible on Affiliate links. So let’s check out some of the benefits of using TORO Advertisings Affiliate Smartlinks.

Benefits of using TORO Advertisings Affiliate Smartlinks

📢1600+ direct and exclusive offers

🎯Unlimited caps

🚀High conversion rates

📊Flexible statistics and analytics

📲Optimized cross-device campaigns 

🌎Best EPC worldwide

💰 Personalized deals

Now is a great time to join the network especially if you are an Affiliate that specializes in Sports offers! Here are some of the available Sports Smartlinks with TORO Advertising

Available Sports Smartlink with TORO Advertising 

Here is a list of available Smarlinks with TORO Advertising to help you get started.

🎯 Smartlink – Sports – Multi-Sports

🏈 Smartlink – Sports – NFL

🏈 Smartlink – Sports – NCAA

🏀 Smartlink – Sports – NBA

🥊 Smartlink – Sports – Boxing

💥 Smartlink – Sports – UFC

⚽ Smartlink – Sports – Champions League

⚽ Smartlink – Sports – Soccer

🏒 Smartlink – Sports – NHL

🏉 Smartlink – Sports – Rugby

🎾 Smartlink – Sports – Tennis

⚾ Smartlink – Sports – Baseball – MLB

 🚴‍♀️ Smartlink – Sports – Cycling

⛳  Smartlink – Sports – Golf

🤼‍♀️ Smartlink – Sports – WWE

🏎️ Smartlink – Sports – Car Racing

🤼‍♂️ Smartlink – Sports – MMA

 🏇 Smartlink – Sports – Rodeo

 🏇 Smartlink – Sports – Horse Racing

 🏎️ Smartlink – Sports – Multi Racing

 🏎️ Smartlink – Sports – Formula 1

 🏏 Smartlink – Sports – Cricket

 🥍 Smartlink – Sports – Lacrosse

If you’re looking for a trusted CPA Network with advanced Smartlink technology, TORO Advertising is for you! Get started and maximize your earnings with our Sports Smartlinks!

Major international Sports events for June 2024

Save or check this blog for regular updates on the biggest sporting events of the year!

We update this blog post monthly with major Sports events worldwide. Stay tuned with the most important sports events of 2024.

[UPDATED 17/6/24]

Tennis 🎾 

  • July 1st – 14th: The Grand Slam

Racing 🏎️

  • July 4th – 6th: The GP Gran Bretaña

 WWE 🤼‍♀️

  • July 6th: WWE Money in the Bank

Boxing 🥊

  • July 6th: Nate Díaz V Jorge Masvidal

 Baseball ⚾ 

  • July 16th: All-Star Game MLB
  • July 28th: Women’s Baseball World Cup

Golf ⛳

  • July 18th: The 152nd Open Golf


  • June 30th: UFC 303: Conor McGregor V Michael Chandler
  • July 20th: Mike Tyson V Jake Paul 
  • July 28th: Leon Edwards V Belal Muhammad

Multi- Sport 🎯

  • July 26th: The Summer Olympic Games begin