TORO Advertising ranked at #11 in mThink’s top 20 CPA Network survey

TORO Advertising’s team is thrilled to be ranked at #11 in the annual Blue Book Top 20 CPA Networks by mThink. The ranking is chosen by advertisers and publishers from the worldwide performance marketing community.

TORO Advertising has appeared in the Top 20 CPA Networks for the last four years, and each year has progressed up the rankings:

Additionally, TORO Advertising was ranked at #5 in the Top 5 Best CPA Networks voted for by advertisers and merchants.

Jose Chacón, CEO of TORO Advertising, includes “We celebrate the top position achieved in this prestigious industry award. Thus, we are achieving a higher accolade from the affiliate industry every year. So, this is a result of adapting to industry challenges, matching the right affiliate source with the right client, talented team, and the latest technology. We want to thank you for your trust in us, and we are always at your service. We look forward to growing, innovating, and working with you in 2020.”

In 2018 EXOGROUP, the digital technology enterprise business group took a majority stake in TORO Advertising. EXOGROUP’s CEO and founder Benjamin Fonzé remarks, “TORO Advertising keeps rising in the industry rankings due to it is highly respected within the performance community.

Moreover, EXOGROUP has made a significant investment to help TORO Advertising expand and provide a superior service to their clients.

We wish to express our gratitude to all our clients and all the industry community who voted for us! Team TORO has the commitment to providing you with the best service possible, your success is our success!

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About mThink’s Blue Book survey

The mThink survey, known as the Blue Book, is the largest research survey in the performance marketing industry. The survey identifies the world’s top CPA networks, including 400 networks worldwide. The ranking is chosen by both advertisers and publishers within the performance marketing community. Each ranking is given to industry leaders that provide excellent levels of customer service, professionalism and consistent ROI.