Traditional or modern advertising?


Toro Advertising

Nowadays, we live in a globally connected society that has a lot of ways to talk to people and connect with them. This fact made possible to stay in contact with people that live in another city far away. This is possible thanks to social networks. Certainly, social networks are the key ‘products’ of the evolution of technology. Apart from the benefits for the people and their communications, we can talk about advertisement and all the things and progress that implicates. Yes, we can talk about this new era of advertisement.

Not many years ago we saw the typical spot in television that talked about the benefit of a product in our lives and other awesome things that the product would provide us. With all these images and sounds, they tried to persuade the costumers and the public in general to buy that product. Now we can see the same products in television with big and awesome spots, but a lot of investigations corroborate that the traditional advertisements didn’t have the same impact on customers as modern advertisements. Internet let companies and big brands decide to try to announce themselves in this new media. In 2013, the consumption of digital advertisement was about a 13’1% more than in 2012. Moreover, in a lot of countries the consumption of digital advertising is greater than traditional advertising. We can illustrate with examples the lot of advertising agencies that only works in digital advertisement. It certainly exist a lot of different ad formats for the digital advertising: banners, blogs, videos, pop-ups…

It’s true that people spend so much time in the Internet, and the World Wide Web is the perfect way for nearing our products to the people. Now we have a lot of different platforms to take action: netbook computers, smartphones, tablets or the new and recent watch phones. And this fact has created many different ways and formats to offer the perfect advertising to our costumer in any platform. We can also talk about the benefits that digital advertising produces, a better segmentation for the campaigns. Social networks offer a lot of tools for the companies to find the perfect public for them. Moreover, digital marketing gives companies and agencies the chance to decide the period of time they would like to show the advertisement. For example, imagine we have a product for teenagers. Which moment do you think is the perfect one to announce the product? Which media do you think is the best to approach the product for this specific target?

In a few words, digital advertising is, at the moment, the best way to announce your products to your specific public. TORO Advertising thinks that the perfect way to advertise and ‘talk’ to your customer is digital marketing. A lot of agencies like our own can offer the best plan to increase your sales, impressions and visits. It is all about advertising, and advertising involves developing new ways to sale. But, what do you prefer? Do you prefer typical advertising or modern advertising? Now, with the revolution of smartphones, we can’t imagine the new way for the advertising. We’ll expect to see the new evolution in this area