Boost your ROI: How to convert Sweepstakes Offers

How to convert Sweepstakes Offers


What are sweepstakes?

Sweepstakes are very popular and we often get asked how to convert sweepstakes offers by our clients. The sweepstakes industry has recently evolved in response to the socio-economic influences that emerged during the pandemic. Along with the current economic crisis, and new online shopping possibilities, customers’ needs for vouchers and discounts have grown in demand.

Sweepstakes offers are a type of contest where visitors have the chance to win awesome prizes by filling out a form. In the affiliate world, companies and brands develop sweepstakes as a great opportunity to build awareness, collect data and boost sales. 

Sweepstakes offer different types of prizes, such as iPhones, gift vouchers, gym memberships, holidays, shopping discounts, etc. So in this blog post we will explain how to convert Sweepstakes offers and give you some great tips for converting Sweepstakes offers.

Type of sweepstakes

The main goal of sweepstakes is to offer end users the chance to win prizes in return for collecting opted-in data from them. So, as a marketing strategy, companies use sweepstakes to generate new contacts and carry out market research to promote their products or brands.

The sweepstakes structure is simple and composed of a questionnaire through which users respond to various questions related to the product or service. On the last page, users are asked to leave their personal information which companies use to build future marketing activities to generate more clients.

In affiliate marketing, how to convert sweepstakes offers depends firstly on how sweepstakes are categorized depending on the user conversion flow:

Email Submit

Generally, Email Submit is the easiest conversion flow to generate conversions, perfect for beginners. The aim of the campaigns is to attract and encourage the user to leave their personal data in the form related to a product or service in which they are interested.

Currently, we can find two types of Email Submit:

SOI (Single Opt-in)

The conversion is counted as soon as the end user fills out the form and enters their personal data such as name, email address, phone number and postcode.

DOI (Double Opt-in)

The conversion is counted when the user has filled in the form with their personal data and then confirms their email address through the email received once the form is completed.


Credit Card Submit offers are the type of offers where the conversion is counted when the user enters the credit card details and performs a certain action based on the advertiser’s needs: phone number, pay a small amount of money, etc. The advertiser pays a commission every time somebody signs up.

Since it is the most challenging flow which requires more sensitive information, it always has higher payouts. Yet, the promotion comes with more complexity and it is a perfect option for intermediate and experienced affiliate marketers.

How to convert sweepstakes offers: Tips to increase ROI with Sweepstakes

All sweepstakes offer a chance to win something attractive, so one of the tricks to knowing how to convert sweepstakes offers is that the promotion should be very appealing. With this, here are some tips we would like to share to help you succeed with your sweepstakes offers:

  • Choose the right Affiliate Program to promote the best sweepstakes.
  • Select the right offers according to your niche experience.
  • Take into consideration seasonal offers (Black Friday, Christmas, etc).
  • Focus on the prize and use clickable buttons with a strong CTA (try now, click now, etc).
  • Create an attractive landing page with trending creatives.
  • Use top converting banners.
  • Decide the conversion flow based on your experience.
  • Start with the cheapest geos (tier 2 and tier 3).
  • Start with simple traffic sources: push ads, popunders, direct links and social media.
  • Be aware of the specifications and restrictions of the offers.

Best Sweepstakes Offers

One of the key things to know in how to convert sweepstakes offers, is by choosing the best offers on the market. Here are some great sweepstake offer suggestions for you to test:

France (FR) – Samsung Galaxy S21 2€ (Responsive)$35,00CC Submit
France (FR) – Nintendo Switch 2€ (Responsive)$35,00CC Submit
Italy (IT) – Apple iPad 2€ (Responsive)$24,00CC Submit
Italy (IT) – iPhone 14 (Responsive)$2,00CPL – SOI
Italy (IT) – Samsung Galaxy S22 (Responsive)$2,00CPL – SOI
Mexico (MX) – iPhone 14 (Responsive)$11,00CC Submit
Spain (ES) – 500€ Mercadona Voucher (Responsive)$1,60CPL – SOI
Singapore (SG) – iPhone 14 (Responsive)$22,00CC Submit
Sweden (SE) – Kitchen Aid (Responsive)$3,20CPL – SOI
United States (US) – CRC – $500 Amazon (Responsive) (Incent)$3,10CPL – SOI
United States (US) – iPhone 14 (Responsive)$17,50CC Submit

Recommended Traffic Sources

There are many different traffic sources you can bid for to test out sweepstake offers. Check out our blog post: Traffic Sources and Verticals – the Perfect Match under the section Traffic Sources for Digital Marketers.


If you have never tried this type of offer before, we hope that this guide on how to convert sweepstakes offers, and the tips we have supplied help you.