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What is SpyPush

What is SpyPush?

SpyPush is a tool that allows you to spy on your competitors’ advertising campaigns to see what ads they are running, so you can discover what strategies and creatives they are using. Armed with this knowledge, you can give your own campaigns a boost, by looking for a unique angle to differentiate your campaign from your competitors or find out what is working the best for your competitors and to capitalize on it to convert your own campaigns.

SpyPush gives you valuable insights into what’s working and what’s not, from initial bidding to audience targeting and landing pages, so that you can spend more time planning your campaigns and less time worrying about the effectiveness of your strategy.

What is SpyСombo?

SpyPush has created a unique product for the spy tool market called SpyCombo, of which there is no other competitor to date! SpyCombo is the ultimate solution for monitoring your competitors’ advertising campaigns with four spying tools in one: Push, Pop, Native and Adult ads.

SpyСombo has a global database of over 500,000 ads in +95 countries that are kept updated 24/7. Additionally, it allows you to track high-performing creatives, search ads by keyword, download landings and creatives, search for similar ads, and even includes a cost-per-click history for each ad network.

Are you still not working with a quality spy tool? Now is the time! SpyPush is offering a discount for TORO Advertising affiliates. Simply use the promo code “TORO” when you sign up