Have you tried TikTok ads?


With more than one billion active users, TikTok has become one of the applications on everyone’s lips and fingertips in recent years. With features such as generating short 3–15-second music videos and 30–60-second long videos, using filters and allowing duo responses between users, the Chinese company merged with Musical.ly in 2017 has earned a place in the heart of the youngest users and those still nostalgic for Vine, which closed in early 2017.

TikTok has gone a step further and has encouraged millions of people to express themselves creatively on social network. With its hashtags and user-created sounds, we admit that the app is fun, creative, but most of all, truly addictive.

It is currently available for iOS and Android. Its approach makes it attractive and eye-catching, making it one of the most downloaded applications in the world today.


TikTok Ads

Like any application, the platform has its corresponding advertising section. Although it is currently in development, in this post we will focus on the existing tools that TikTok has.

Advertising Formats

Within the initial format that the platform proposes, TikTok considers full-screen ads (that follow the guides of conventional videos already within the app) to be optimal for user experience.

The video format can be both vertical and horizontal, as well as allowing the use of images. Ads will show on 3 different sections:

  • In-feed 
  • Detail Page 
  • Post-roll

After 9 seconds the ad shows the call to action in card format.

Review tips

Here are some recommendations when creating your ads:

  • Make sure that the type of language you use in the creative is acceptable in the target country, e.g. slang words that could be considered offensive. Remember that TikTok is targeted at a younger audience.
  • Check the spelling with a native speaker.
  • Avoid creatives that offer an action that cannot be done within TikTok, “swipe up” for example.
  • Make sure that what is promoted is related to what is displayed on the landing page.
  • Avoid using elements without copyright permissions e.g. brand logos, hashtags, straplines, images and other copyrighted elements.
  • Make sure that the audio of your video ad (music/sound) is clear and understandable/coherent, because audio is required for an advertising video.

How to target on TikTok?

Using TikTok Ads, you can target the audience you want to see your ad, the targeting can be selected during the ad group creation process.
The available options are by device, demographic and audience, we are going to expand it:


  • Connection Type: WIFI, 2G, 3G, 4G
  • Operation System: iOS, Android
  • Operation System Version
  • Carrier


  • Gender: Female, Male
  • Age: 13-17, 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55+
  • Location: country, region, province, currently by city targeting is only available in India.
  • Language
  • Interest / behavior: Interest targeting focuses on the content that the user consumes within the application thanks to Machine Learning, unlike behavioral targeting that allows targeting depending on the user’s recent interaction with the content. Therefore, we recommend that you do not ignore the targeting options for interests, as well as behavior. They can be a key point of success for your campaign! For example, if Melisa watches a video about an anti-aging facial care routine, a behavioral label “Skin Care” will be associated with its user. Now, the interest label may not be “Skin Care” since the algorithm analyzed that in the long term it is not something that Melisa is interested in, but rather that her interest label is something else like “Personal Care”. 


You can include or exclude customizable audiences. This is an interesting option for audiences that have already been exposed to the campaign and its content, therefore TikTok proposes a powerful tool for remarketing. As a result, you can review potential customers, increase followers, improve engagement and create your audience with: “Similar Audiences”

Analyzing your existing audience, “Similar Audiences” allows you to analyze the attributes of your current cluster to be able to search for groups of people with characteristics similar to those already specified. Hence, we recommend you to use audience sources that include less than 10,000 people to ensure that it works properly. The crucial thing is that the list and its attributes are correct.

Tip: The more specific the audience size, the more accurate the tool will be!

Bidding Methods

The models available on the platform are: Cost per thousand impressions (CPM), Cost per thousand optimized impressions (oCPM), Cost per thousand views (CPV), Cost per click (CPC) and Optimized cost per click (oCPC).

Advertising Cost

TikTok Ads Manager has the option to choose two budget options: daily or lifetime. So, you can edit your budget whenever you want, even when your campaign is running. The system will never go beyond the budget you indicate.

To ensure that advertising has a sufficient budget, the minimum for each campaign is $US50 and at the group level $US20.

In addition, TikTok Ads Manager has different bidding methods to select according to your preferences, taking into account that the “bid” is what indicates how much you are willing to pay for the action that the user generates when he/she encounters one of your ads.


Although TikTok is in its first steps of developing its Ads Manager, we cannot deny that it is a great opportunity to get into its new formats and generate great results for your campaigns.

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