Why is TikTok the best video content platform to promote affiliate offers?

Why is TikTok the best video content platform to promote affiliate offers


Video content trends in 2023

As a marketing tool, short-form videos have become the most popular among users, content creators, and affiliate marketers over the years. Short-form video content’s popularity will continue to rise in 2023 as it is expected that 90% of global marketers will increase their investment in short-form videos this year. In addition to that, 73% of consumers prefer to watch a short-form video to learn about a product or service. This means that not only is short-form video the most popular trend among marketers, with one-third using it, but it’s also the most effective and has the highest ROI compared to other marketing content types. 

TikTok, Instagram and Youtube are the most popular platforms to consume and create video content. Both are free platforms, so it helps you increase organic reach without any extra costs. Also, tools, resources and advanced features for creating video content are available in-app so you do not need to specialize in technical knowledge to create and promote content. Trending challenges, music, and memes let you boost visibility even without having much experience as an affiliate marketer. All you really need is a bit of creativity and inspiration to make videos that have the potential to engage your audience and make them buy your product or service. 

Now, let’s talk in more detail about TikTok and find out why it is the best video content platform to promote affiliate offers. Read on!

Why TikTok is the best video content platform to promote affiliate offers

Given TikTok’s growing popularity, there’s no surprise that, when narrowed down to engagement benchmarks, TikTok has the numeric advantage to make brands get on board and start experimenting with content on the platform. Continuing on we share a few relevant stats that showcase TikTok as the best video content platform:

Overall, end users feel understood by TikTok when they are looking for a solution to a specific problem or query. TikTok videos offer a real connection between the brand and the end user, making this relationship feel trustworthy and real. It is then not surprising that the end users are more likely to feel a positive emotion that drives them to take an off-platform action. 

In addition to that, TikTok’s culture has impacted the type of conversations we used to be comfortable with, creating an openness and sense of community that helps end users to feel less alone and to find answers to specific questions and needs, for instance dating advice and parenting tips. So, which niches are the best to promote on TikTok? Let’s dive into it!

The 7 best niches to promote affiliate offers on TikTok 

When searching for the best niches to promote affiliate offers on TikTok it is crucial to focus on what people need and search for on a regular basis. However, if you are an affiliate beginner, you can start promoting smaller and more mundane products such as clothing, body cream, face masks, phone accessories, rings, necklaces or even mops, all products that end users do not tend to hesitate to purchase. The key is to leverage emerging trends and be inspired by viral content in order to promote winning affiliate offers. 

Aside from this, TikTok gives you more chances to advertise the top products via its search technology through which you can explore and discover winning products in your region and country, making it easier for you to pick the best niche. This is because TikTok wants people to be creative and inspired when creating their short-form videos. Therefore, TikTok helps affiliates and video creators along the way of creating the most stunning and engaging videos. With that being said, let’s list the best niches to promote affiliate offers on TikTok based on its search technology:

Top 1! Beauty & Personal Care: Perfume, Shampoo, Serums & Essences, Lip Gloss, Lotions, Face Mask, Hair Treatments, etc.

Top 2! Fashion: Blouses, T-shirts, Dresses, Watches, etc.

Top 3! Phones & Electronics: Mobile Phones, Earphones & Headphones, Chargers, Power Savers, etc. 

Top 4! Food & Beverages: Instant Noodles, Coffee, Grocery, Food Recipes, etc. 

Top 5! Home Supplies: Household Cleaners, Light Bulbs, Kitchen Containers, Plants, Pillows, etc. 

Top 6! Jewellery: Necklace, Bracelet, Rings, Earrings, etc. 

Top 7! Luggage & Bags: Shoulder Bags, Travel Bags, Storage Bags, etc.

Do you agree with us? The truth is that today, trends and viral videos remain in the end user’s mind for just a few days and eventually, new trending topics and winning products arise. So the point here is that affiliates and content creators need to be up to date with the latest trends so that they can have better chances at selling their products. Also, it is always a great thing to have access to exclusive tips and best practices to promote affiliate offers on TikTok – Here are ours!

6 top tips to promote winning affiliate offers on TikTok

Follow these exclusive tips and best practices to promote affiliate offers on TikTok and ensure better performance and a higher ROI:

Tip! Introduce your product at the beginning of the video: Tell an eye-catching story explaining what the product is in an unforgettable way and do it within the first 5 seconds. 

Tip! Make your video shareable: People want to share interesting and valuable videos with their friends so have extra striking visuals and catching texts to grab the end user’s attention and make them feel part of the video. 

Tip! Create a high-quality video: As people are more exposed to watching video across all social media platforms, your video content needs to really stand out. Create an original video close to the brand philosophy and make it super eye-catching to increase engagement rates. 

Tip! Keep millennials in mind: Create your video according to TikTok style, texts and trends to engage Millennials and Generation Z audience. For good or for bad, they are the kings and queens of TikTok so design your videos using popular filters and effects as well as emojis, abbreviations such as LMAO, LOL, etc. 

Tip! Share interests with your audience: End users love to see content from relatable people. If you share interests with your audience, your content will feel more relevant to end users. People also feel more connected to those videos where creators bring knowledge and insider advice. If you want to learn more about target audiences and how to define yours for your product or service, read this article!

Tip! Choose the best times to post: According to HubSpot, the best day to post on the TikTok app is Friday and the best times are 6-9 pm, 3-6 pm, and 12-3 pm. Also, weekends are good days to post on TikTok, but keep Monday and Tuesday away from your schedule as they are considered as the worst days.  


TikTok is the best video content platform across the world and it has been significantly popular among affiliates, advertisers, brands and end users over the last years. TikTok not only offers entertainment for end users but also offers advertisers lots of opportunities to reach their audiences and boost engagement. Therefore, both experienced and beginner affiliates should embrace TikTok as one of the most profitable digital channels to promote affiliate offers. This is because affiliates can easily reach targeted audiences through home-made short-videos and generate the highest possible revenues. If you’re looking for the best-performing offers on TikTok, don’t hesitate to contact our team. The TORO team will be happy to hear from you and suggest our best affiliate offers.