How to convert Dating offers with Push Notifications

dating offers with push notifications


How to convert Dating offers with Push Notifications

Online Dating sites have gained a lot of popularity since mobile devices became an essential daily tool for people across the globe. And as long as mobile phones continue to be an integral part of our society, the online Dating vertical will continue to gain presence along the way. Because they are reachable through mobile devices, wherever the end user might be, online Dating sites are a more comfortable and more convenient way to meet your ideal partner. In fact, you can find your perfect match whilst on the train or even as you walk through the park. With all that in mind, it makes sense that the online Dating market size is expected to continue growing, as brands boost their revenues by promoting their Dating sites or platforms. This is where Push Notifications come into play – the perfect method to attract the most qualified audience through non-intrusive and cost-effective ads.

Looking to maximize your Dating offers’ CTRs? In this article, we will explain why Push Notifications are an effective method to convert Dating offers and we will also offer tips and best practices to boost your revenues with Dating offers. Keep reading to find out!

What are Push Notifications?

In affiliate marketing, a Push Notification is a clickable pop-up message that appears on your device’s browser, whether on mobile, tablet or desktop. This ad format consists of an image, an icon on the left and text on the right. When the end user clicks on the Push Notification, he is driven to the advertiser’s offer page.

Push Notifications are a fully responsive format and they appear on top of the website content where they have been placed, they are highly visible, attracting end users’ eyeballs. By pairing them with great copy and visuals, this format is perfect to increase engagement rates, CTRs and conversion rates.

Therefore, It is not hard to believe that Push Notifications have become crucial for affiliates who want to make the most out of their Dating offers. The following are the most popular types of Push Notifications that you can use to convert your Dating offers successfully:

Types of Push Notifications in Affiliate Marketing

Web Push Notifications: It’s the instant message an end user receives when they previously opt-in to subscribe to the website. The Push Notification ad will appear within the screen of the end user’s device or browser ensuring the message ad is viewed. This type of Push ad brings highly qualified traffic as users have previously agreed to receive Push Notifications, so they are more likely to be interested in what the ad is offering. 

In-Page Push Notifications: In-Page Push Notifications ads are a type of display ad that is designed to look like a Push Notifications. A website’s users do not have to opt-in to see the ad, because it is really a display ad that is designed to look exactly like a Push Notification. The ad fades in over the publisher site’s content, making it really eye-catching to end users. So, In-Page Push Notifications are displayed to all website users regardless of whether they have opted-in or not, which gives you a much greater reach. 

In-App Push Notifications: In-App Push Notifications look like Push Notifications that appear when the end user is using a phone application. With In-App Push Notifications you can increase the relevance of your Push Notifications and give end users more reasons to trust your Push Ad. These ads can be very personalized to the end users’ interests, since they allow you to segment your audience across the customer cycle and divide the user data into smaller audience groups based on all types of data such as in-app behavior, location, language, etc. in order to showcase the most relevant Push Ad for your target audience. 

Why are Push Notifications highly effective for Dating offers?

Push Notifications or Push traffic are a form of advertising method that sends an instant message straight to people’s browsers or mobile devices, making them highly converting, almost like 1 to 1 marketing. Here are a few reasons why you should be using Push Notifications to convert Dating offers:

  • Very customizable ad format: Push Notifications allow you to use emojis within your ad’s texts, which appeals to the emotions of the end user, making them more likely to click. For instance, you could add emojis related to love or Dating in order to empower the message of your Dating offer. For example: 

    Title: 💌 Are you single?
    Description: Sign up and find your perfect match in no time🔥
dating push ad
  • High visibility, high CTR: This new ad format really stands out to an end user because the In-Page Push Notification fades in while an end user is browsing a page, the format’s design, being slightly curved at the edges and featuring an image on the left and text on the right also makes it eye catching in comparison to banner ads. Additionally, Publishers have several placement options they can implement for the format on a page, ensuring that the ad zone is not grouped together with other banners making the In-Page Push Notifications ad stand out to the end user, bringing a high CTR.
  • Push Notifications are highly scalable: Push Notifications are sent directly to the end user’s mobile, tablet or desktop device, giving you a more tailored user experience. This allows you to better engage your audience and therefore scale your Dating campaigns.
  • Push Notifications drive qualified clicks: End users are aware that the In-Page Push Notification is an ad, bringing qualified clicks to your offers using this fully responsive format, displayed seamlessly on desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

Now that you know why you should use Push Notifications, it is time to know how to best use this ad format! In order to help you along the way in converting Dating offers with Push Notifications, we will share a few expert tips and best practices:

Best practices to convert Dating offers with Push Notifications 

Continuing on there is a list of tips and best practices to convert Dating offers with Push Notifications. Let’s dive in!

Tip 1! Use emojis: Adding emojis to your Push Notification message enables you to shorten your text to make it more punchy, effective and more readable. Additionally, you can use an emoji similar to the brand or logo of the product you are advertising in order to make your message more striking and powerful. For example, you can use the cherries emoji 🍒 to identify Pacha discotheque.

Tip 2! Find your niche: There are many Dating niches out there. Know what’s your niche to personalize your ads and target them accordingly. For example, you can promote Dating offers related to finding your perfect partner, so your creatives would be linked to romantic experiences and lovely messages that match with the look & feel of your Dating offer. For example, a title could be “Meet your future husband”. 

Tip 3! Keep the millennials in mind: Younger generations use Dating sites more than older people and they seek for more personalized and unique experiences. Therefore, focus on telling a fresh and valuable story of your Dating offer to the audience in a highly engaging and entertaining way to capture their attention.

Tip 4: Get creative and actualized: Use the most popular visual styles with colors and fonts, to keep your Dating offer relevant. Use natural looking images instead of stock footage and abbreviations such as LMAO, LOL, LML, LAK etc. in order to boost engagement and conversion rates. 

Tip 5! Use dynamic tokens: Use dynamic tokens such as {country}, {city} or {day} in the titles and descriptions so you can customize your message in order to increase engagement and conversion rates. For example: Meet singles in {Barcelona}!😘

Tip 6! Optimize your landing pages: Use a landing page to explain what your Dating offer is about and give more details about the product or service. In addition to that, test out landings with short content and longer content. For example, shorter content could be a list of benefits and a simple button with a CTA. On the other hand, you can test a longer format content landing page that includes an article, testimonials or webinar.

Want to boost your revenues with Dating offers? Below you can find the top-performing dating offers worldwide. Let’s check them out!

Top-performing Dating offers with Push Notifications

Spain (ES) – Dating – FollaRico – DesktopESCPL DOI3 €
Multiple GEOs – Casual Dating – CommeLaBraise – Mobile & TabletFR, BE, CH, LXCPL SOI1,40 €
Multiple GEOs – Dating – YourLocalhookup (Responsive)UK, US, CA, NZ, AUCPL SOI2,95$
Multiple GEOs – Dating – MatchSniper (Responsive)AU, CA, NZ, UK, USCPL SOI3,2$
Czech Republic (CZ) – Dating – mujotrok (Responsive)CZCPL DOI4,22$
United States (US) – Dating – FriendsWithBenefits – MobileUSCPL DOI4,4$
Brazil (BR) – Dating – – MobileBRCPL DOI0,35$