How to improve your ad creatives to boost your performance

How to improve your ad creatives to boost your performance



After many years of being constantly bombarded by ads on multiple digital channels and platforms, many consumers increasingly doubt the reliability of online advertising. As a result, most of them are seeking a personalized user experience and real connections with brands in order to feel as if they are at the center of the message and have decision-making authority over other market products. Clearly, more and more brands are focusing on creative and attention-grabbing ad content as a key to the success of their campaigns. 

In this article we will explain how to improve yout ad creatives to boost your performance, will give you useful tips to make the most out of the ad creatives, and also we will tell you the main benefits of building eye-catching ad creatives for your affiliate offers. 

What is an ad creative? How do affiliates use ad creatives?

To start with, an ad creative refers to the visual and copy elements of an advertisement, which are designed to attract the attention of the audiences and persuade them to take a specific action. Aso, an ad creative includes any image, video, infographic, emoji, copy/text within the image or creative, or other interactive elements that helps to build the message to promote a product or service. 

Ad creatives play a crucial role within an advertising campaign as it improves user engagement, generates higher conversion rates and ultimately, increases campaign revenues. In a nutshell, creating attention grabbing creatives is imperative to spark your audience’s interest and make them want to buy what you’re offering. 

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, webmaster or media buyer, your ad creatives are the best tool in the box to attract the most qualified audience and generate high conversion rates. Here are some benefits of designing eye-catching ad creatives for your affiliate offer:

Affiliates benefits to build eye-catching ad creatives

Benefit 1! Ad creatives increase brand recognition: Creatives deliver new information in a way that attracts the attention of end users by making a connection between them and the brand. The idea generated from the ad creative makes the end users recognize the brands in a simple and memorable way.

Benefit 2! You can tell a compelling story about your brand: People are naturally drawn to stories and remember how those stories made them feel. By incorporating storytelling elements into your ads, you can create a deeper connection with your audience. Remember, a good story resonates and sticks with people for a longer period of time!

Benefit 3! Ad creatives build interest: Ad creatives showcase the unique value proposition of your product, focusing its benefits and explaining how it can improve the consumers’ lives. This persuasive approach makes end users have a positive reaction and therefore choosing what you’re offering rather than what competitors may be offering.

Benefit 4! Ad creatives increase conversion rates: Use concise and direct language to communicate to end users the steps that are needed to take the desired action. Whether it’s clicking a button, filling out a form or leaving credit card details, you need to make sure your CTA is visible, engaging and easily understood.

Benefit 5! You can maximize sales: Create the most relevant and personalized user experience content that will help you attract high-quality leads and drive them to your landing page. According to an Accenture report, 75% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands offering personalized online experiences.

5 Best practices to create the most engaging ad creatives

Ad creatives are used in a variety of digital advertising channels, including social media, search engines, display networks, and mobile apps. Each channel has its own set of guidelines and best practices to create the most engaging ad creatives, which you must follow to ensure that your ads are effective and compliant: 

#1 Define your target audience
Defining your target audience is a must-do task before setting up any affiliate campaign or strategy. If you don’t know who you are addressing, it is practically impossible to attract qualified leads and make your campaign profitable. So before you do anything else, set your target audience and then start with the promotion. You don’t know how to define your audience? Today is your lucky day! Read this blog post and learn how to identify your target audience for your affiliate marketing campaign. 

#2 Match creatives with specific verticals
The key is to align the visuals and messaging with the specific product and vertical you are promoting. By tailoring your ad creatives you can address the right audience to your offer page or landing page. For instance, Software offers promoted through push notifications and native ads are great ways to create a sense of urgency by emphasizing the expiration date of the offer, encouraging end users to take immediate action. In addition to that, you can incorporate testimonials or customer reviews to build trust and credibility. On the other hand, dating offers can be promoted through a variety of traffic sources and generate successful results. Push Notifications, Native Advertising, Social Media and Video ads are the best ways to convert dating offers worldwide. Here are 3 samples of different verticals matching with specific traffic source:

Vertical: Antivirus
Traffic Source: Push Notifications

VerticaL: Dating
Traffic Source: Native Advertising

Vertical: Sweepstakes & Vouchers
Traffic Source: Social Media

#3 Make sure your logo and brand name appear clearly
Describe your offer simply in the headline and description and highlight prices, promotions and exclusive deals. Also, make sure that your creatives are properly translated according to the language in which you want to promote your offers and make sure to avoid grammatical errors, as they can lead to poor reactions.

#4 Collaborate with reliable ad networks
Ad networks offer affiliates and publishers a wide range of solutions to monetize their traffic, track the results, optimize and maximize the revenues. To help you generate the biggest conversion rates with any offer, you need to work with a trusted and well-known ad network which will provide you with the best qualified traffic. In addition to that, it is important to collaborate with those ad networks that specialize in the verticals and niches aligned with your offer. Another factor to consider when choosing an ad network is to know the most popular ad formats and which ones provide the best performance. 

#5 Choose ad creative format wisely
The best ad creatives for your affiliate offer promotion are those usually customized for websites and platforms – Display, Native ads, Social Media, Video ads, Push Notifications, etc. As not all ad creatives fit the same way in the different digital channels and platforms, there are some image aspects that you need to consider before selecting the traffic source through which you will promote your affiliate offer. So let’s say that you want to promote your offers with Facebook, then the ad creative should be with high resolution, carousel format is high performing, but eye-catching video ads also convert successfully. One successful strategy could be to develop a mix of video and static ad creatives where you can test and experiment with multiple variations of ad creatives altogether and so, identify the best ad creatives for your affiliate offer promotion. 

Tips to improve your ad creatives’ click-through rates

Now let’s delve into our exclusive tips that will help you optimize your ad creatives and therefore, maximize the revenues of your campaigns. Here are the tips to improve your ad creatives’ click-through rates and boost sales:

Tip 1! Stay Informed and seek Inspiration: Stay fresh with the most important industry topics that affect your business. The insights you get there can be very entertaining and can inspire new ad campaigns. Also, understand what your potential clients live and breathe, and tailor your creative ad to their current situation that may help you evaluate trends and improve the success of your ads.

Tip 2! Use short, clear and concise messages: Images with less text have more impact, as they give more importance to details. Also, try to have a single focus and if you need to include more information, consider using a carousel or a video aligned with the offer promotion message.

Tip 3! Try different options of targeting: If your audience is mainly mobile, choose the best-performing mobile sizes during ad design, and consider colorful, dynamic and animated ads for increased visibility.

Tip 4! Test A/B & Experimentation: Test multiple placements, websites, landing pages, direct link, ad formats, etc. Also, experiment with different image formats before deciding on a graphic line, but always use high-resolution images.


Ad creatives are your best chance to attract your target audience and make them feel interested in what you are offering. Your ads’ creativity plays a significant role within your campaigns which results in a must-do task in order to design the best ad creatives for your affiliate offer promotion. If you are looking for an affiliate network with a vast range of experience with ad creatives that help affiliates to boost their campaign performance, TORO Advertising is your place! Contact your account manager to find more details of how to request creatives and landing pages or reach our support team to sign up in less than 2 minutes.