Online Surveys in affiliate marketing: How to convert Survey offers for beginners

How to convert Survey offers for beginners


Online Surveys: Overview and trends

End users adore online Surveys! Because with them they can win rewards, cash, discounts, gift cards, etc. by just answering simple questions relative to a topic of interest. Also, due to the global economy having been tough for the last few years, consumers have significantly increased the use of online Surveys to make money or win rewards easily from their homes. Which has empowered more advertisers and brands to develop affiliate marketing strategies designed to know more about their audiences and create targeted Survey content that is highly relevant for them, taking up the opportunity to earn money through the promotion and recommendation of specific Surveys. In this article, we will explain how to promote Survey offers for affiliate newbies, tell you the best practices to convert Survey offers and, of course, we will give exclusive tips to boost your revenues!

What are online Surveys in affiliate marketing?

Online Surveys can be about anything, from the end users’ daily habits or lifestyle, all the way to what they think the best restaurants are or even what TV shows they usually watch. However, what all online Surveys have in common is that for every Survey an end user answers, they will earn some points that can be exchanged for cash or rewards such as sweepstakes, discounts on products, free gasoline or amazon gift cards.

Online Surveys with rewards can be the perfect win-win situation for companies and consumers since the company gets valuable market research from a targeted Survey audience, and consumers are paid for their time through discounts and freebies on products they like. With Affiliate marketing all parties come together: On the one hand the advertisers who will pay a commission for each Survey filled out, and on the other hand the affiliates who will earn a commission every time an end user fills out the Survey.

Surveys are ideal for affiliate newbies starting in affiliate marketing, who can easily and quickly get started running Survey offers, generating massive profits on a weekly or even daily basis!

Online Survey affiliate program for affiliate beginners 

As mentioned above, online Surveys in affiliate marketing can be about virtually any topic, and the aim is collecting data about preferences, attitudes and habits of the target audience. This helps brands and advertisers to better tailor their marketing to the most relevant audiences matching the content with what they are expecting or looking to purchase. In the affiliate marketing world, we can categorize Survey offers by the type of rewards they are offering and the type of conversion flow that the affiliates would need to perform to earn the commission. 

Types of rewards for Survey offers

Here are the different types of rewards that you can extend by promoting your Survey offer:

  • Monetary rewards: Monetary rewards are the most popular rewards for the end users as they can acquire cash, checks, money orders, or gift cards.
  • Non-monetary rewards: These include ‘thank you’ gifts like, for instance, a notebook, a coffee mug, or other kinds of merchandising.
  • Samples rewards: When an end user fills in the Survey, this will get a free sample of any product or service. 
  • Coupons rewards: The coupon is the type of reward that a business gives to their consumers in order to get discounts on their favorite products. 
  • Sweepstakes rewards: This type of reward includes participating in a sweepstakes, lottery or even a raffle to win a product, usually expensive devices.

Types of conversion flow for Survey offers

Getting started in affiliate marketing may feel a bit overwhelming at first, but with these useful tips for affiliate beginners we will help you generate the revenues that your business needs. We have also listed the most popular types of conversion flow for Survey offers to help you get started:

  • CPL-SOI (Single Opt-in): The conversion is counted as soon as the end user fills out the form and enters their personal data such as name, email address, phone number and postcode.
  • DOI (Double Opt-in): The conversion is counted when the user has filled in the form with their personal data and then confirms their email address through the email received once the form is completed.
  • CC-Submit (Credit Card Submit): The conversion is counted when the end user enters the credit card details and performs a certain action based on the advertiser’s needs: phone number, pay a small amount of money, etc. The advertiser pays a commission every time somebody signs up.

Tip! If you are an affiliate beginner, we recommend that you start with Survey offers with a CPL-SOI or a CPL-DOI conversion flow. Although CPL-SOI is the easiest flow to convert, it is also the one with the most poor leads and low quality traffic as the conversion is triggered when an end user fills in the Survey but does not confirm the email address, as a result this email/lead may not exist.

Best practices to promote Survey offers in affiliate marketing

Continuing on you will find a series of best practices to promote Survey offers that you should know about if you are getting started with affiliate marketing:

1# Find your target audience

Define your target audience as the main task before setting up the Survey campaign. If you don’t know who you are addressing, it is quite impossible to attract the most qualified leads to complete the Survey. So, if you need help on how to define your target audience, read our blog post and learn more!

2# Choose a high-converting traffic source

Even though there are multiple great traffic sources to promote Survey offers, only a few of them bring the best qualified leads and ensure high conversion rates. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Email marketing: Email is a great medium to boost your affiliate revenue, as one of the very few promotion mediums that allows you to communicate directly with your target, which gives you the chance to make it highly targeted and personalized. You can also segment your subscribers based on their demographics, interests, behavior, or purchase, which allows you to send very personalized and targeted messages, in order to make them feel lucky to receive the chance to win rewards by just answering a few simple questions in the Survey. Also, and more importantly, email marketing platforms offer plenty of personalization options, such as [firstname], or dynamic content that will change depending on location, device, etc. which will provide you with the highest response and engagement rates. 
  • Social media: This is probably the easiest but also the least effective method. Most of the affiliate beginners when they get started in affiliate marketing they also start sharing the offer with their friends and family on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. relentlessly. Certainly a few will bite, but some will also probably ignore it or even block you. So in order to get the most out of your social profiles, you need to create relevant content according to your target audience. You must educate your audience rather than sell what you’re offering directly so you can be transparent to your audience and make them trust you. 
  • Blog post: The most effective method of affiliate marketing these days is to write a blog designed to help people with something, and use affiliate offers as resources that can help them. Links to ebooks, services and products, and of course, links to Surveys! When you are promoting paid Surveys, you need to think of who is going to be your target demographic. It’s not people interested in sharing their opinion: It’s people who are after the money, especially those who have large amounts of free time to answer Survey questions. So a great way to promote your Survey offer in a blog post could be by creating a blog based around making money online.
  • Display advertising: Display ads give you the opportunity to show your Survey offers in a wide variety of advertising formats. In addition, by creating display ads on advertising platforms such as the Google Display Network, your ads have the potential to reach consumers on millions of websites around the world. Also, display advertising is a great way to raise awareness of your Survey offer, get qualified clicks and achieve high conversion rates from end users who may not be interested in your business, but who have found your ad relevant to the solution they were looking for. If you want to be successful with display ads, you must ensure that you are targeting the right end user at the right time, on the right website.

3# Take care of the creatives

Your campaign must convey trust and make end users want the prize given out for filling the Survey. For this reason, it is crucial to be mindful of your ad’s copy as well as the ad creatives,  so design eye-catching ad creatives to convert your Survey offer successfully. 

Tip! Don’t use “Survey” within the copy of the ad creative as many advertisers are restrictive by using the term Survey. Then you can use these examples: “Make money now” or “Earn cash for simply giving your opinion”.

4# Use a landing page

Creating a well-designed and high-converting landing page is crucial to attract the right audience, make them feel interested in what you are offering and ultimately lead them to your desired path and action – In this case, where the Survey offer is located. Learn how to increase landing page conversion rates here

Tip! Use an eye-catching main header in your landing page to capture your audience’s attention. You can use this example: “Sign Up to the Survey [name] for free and start earning cash for giving your opinion today!” 

Expert tips to convert Survey offers for affiliate beginners

Continuing on there is a list of expert tips to convert Survey offers as an affiliate beginner. Let’s dive in!

Tip! Get started with less expensive countries: For instance, Tier 2 and Tier 3 GEOs are cheaper than Tier 1, which means that you can generate conversions and good performance with a smaller investment. Test and experiment which GEO audiences are more interested in Survey offers than other regions in the world, so you can focus on the most-converting GEOs. 

Tip! Make your consumers feel special: As we said before, personalized campaigns generate better response and higher conversion rates than traditional campaigns. That said, prepare your main message by focusing on your audience and ask yourself: if you were the audience, what message would impact you the most? Try this: “We want to know what you think”.

Tip! Keep the Survey relevant: Prepare the ad creative and copy with limited dates for participation and so encourage the audience to answer the questions. For example you can use the following texts:

  • About once a day
  • A few times a week
  • A few times a month
  • A few times a year
  • Never or almost never

Tip! Implement multi channel delivery: Share your  Survey seamlessly across multiple channels: Email, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Blog, etc. Reach your audience wherever they are and collect data to better understand the audience and therefore, boost tailored and personalized messages. 

Tip! Keep up-to-date with the latest trends: Still can’t figure out what a good topic is to base your Survey around it? Check what is currently trending on Google Trends,  Twitter or LinkedIn.


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