Online dating in affiliate marketing: How to promote dating CPA offers for beginners

how to promote dating CPA offers for beginners


Online dating in affiliate marketing: How to promote dating CPA offers for beginners

In today’s context, many ordinary day-to-day activities have been moved from offline to online, in a digital world in which everyone socializes and searches for love. As a result, there are many couples out there that have met online and this trend is projected to continue growing in the future. In fact, in 2022 there were over 366 million online dating service users and it is estimated that there will be 440 million people seeking love through online platforms by 2027. So, online dating is a growing vertical that has triggered the emergence of new significant features to enhance online dating sites to help end users find just the perfect match.

Want to become a part of this highly profitable vertical? In this article, we will explain how to promote dating CPA offers for affiliate beginners. We will also explain the best traffic sources to promote online dating and, of course, we will give you exclusive dating CPA offers tips to make your offers thrive!

Online dating in affiliate marketing: Why is dating a profitable vertical?

Online dating sites are becoming increasingly popular because they are easy to use, convenient and quick, can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and require no effort from the end user. Online dating sites enable people to find romantic partners within a wide range of people who match their interests and lifestyle. So, observing this popularity trend, more and more online dating services are working on providing better experiences and innovative features to meet customers’ expectations and help them find their perfect match quickly.

The truth is that online dating has been in our lives for so long and this form of dating will continue to grow and evolve over the years. In fact, online dating is emerging as a true life experience that takes us into a metaverse!

So, why is dating a profitable vertical? As we can see, online dating is more than meeting people for romantic purposes. Online dating is an easy-going way of interacting with potential partners within an interest-based community that provides a more enjoyable online social networking experience. In 2022, dating services achieved global penetration of 7.1%, up from 6.8% in 2021. And, according to Statista, by 2027, 8.5% of the worldwide population is expected to use online dating services

In online dating, Mobile is king

Smartphone usability is growing across verticals as websites become more optimized for this device. The reasons are simple: A mobile phone is generally more affordable than a desktop, and it can be used on the go, making it very convenient for end users to access their favourite online entertainment.

  • Over 55% of website traffic comes from mobile devices.
  • 92.3% of internet users access the internet using a mobile phone.
  • There are approximately 4.32 billion active mobile internet users.
  • Africa has the highest proportion of internet traffic from mobile devices – 69.13%.
  • There will be over 1 billion 5G connections worldwide by 2025.

This also affects the online dating vertical: People nowadays can use online dating services to find their perfect partner, from anywhere, anytime, with over 300 million people worldwide using online dating services.

So, with that in mind, it makes sense that affiliate marketers everywhere would want to take part of this winning vertical – Keep on reading to find out more about types of online dating CPA offers, conversion flows, traffic sources, how to choose the best dating affiliate network and how to select the best CPA offers on TORO Advertising!

Types of dating offers in affiliate marketing: Casual Dating & Non-casual Dating

How to select the best CPA offers on TORO Advertising? – First of all, you must know that there are two different main categories to differ from each other dating CPA offer:

Casual dating offers: casual online dating offers are for people that are looking for casual encounters, hookups, and short experiences. They do not have an interest in finding a perfect match or sharing hobbies, or lifestyles, but rather the mutual interest is based on physical attraction. 

Non-casual dating offers: Generally, mainstream dating offers are for people looking for long-term relationships. This audience is willing to find their perfect match by meeting their interests, hobbies, lifestyle, future plans, etc.

Types of conversion flow: Find the PERFECT one for your online dating offer

Online dating is a profitable vertical and an excellent opportunity for affiliate beginners who are getting started in affiliate marketing since it allows them to work with simple types of conversion flow with which to easily convert their dating offers. Continuing on we can find the most popular types of conversion flows for dating offers:

CPL (Cost per Lead)

CPL stands for cost per lead and it is a pricing model where the advertiser pays a pre-established price for each lead generated. As for affiliate marketing campaigns, the affiliate will earn a commission for each lead generated. There are two types of CPL: CPL-SOI and CPL-DOI. Continuing on there is the explanation for each type of conversion flow:

CPL-SOI -> The simplest conversion flow and the most appropriate for affiliate marketing beginners. SOI means opt-in and you only need a single opt-in to convert the offer. In essence, the single opt-in system requires basic contact information (name, surname and email) in a single field or short form. This conversion flow is the easiest one for affiliate marketing beginners because users are more likely to leave their personal details instead of sharing their credit card details. 

CPL-DOI -> It is basically the SOI flow but in order to generate the conversion, the user needs to confirm his email address. When a user fills in the form with his name and email address, he will receive an email confirmation to validate his email address. After that, you will generate a new lead. 

PPS (Pay per Sale) 

You will receive a commission payout for each paid membership you get on a dating website. A PPS payout for dating offers is the most effective since it brings the most qualified audience and ensures the sale of memberships. When a user leaves his credit card information, it means that they are really interested in purchasing a membership or subscribing to the dating site. 


You will receive the commission payout as a percentage of each paid membership. Like PPS, Revshare gets paid when a user purchases the membership, however, for Revshare conversion flow, the advertiser pays a percentage of the sale. In most cases, this happens in time subscriptions such as monthly, weekly, etc. 

So, which types of conversion flow should you choose? As we mentioned above, CPL-SOI and CPL-DOI are more convenient for affiliate beginners or if you have just recently started with affiliate marketing. These conversion flows are the easiest to convert and optimize, so if you have a limited budget, let’s start with CPL-SOI. On the other hand, if you are an experienced affiliate marketer who has already tested CPL dating offers, we recommend PPS (Pay per Sale). This conversion flow will take more time and effort for you to test and optimize, but at the same time, it will bring you higher earnings. The Revshare also allows you to get paid high amounts. But, it will take more time and money to test several dating CPA offers to determine the most converting one. 

Best dating affiliate network: How to promote dating offers successfully

Dating offers have evolved (And will continue to evolve) alongside the digital landscape with the latest technology, strategies, tools and of course, users’ purchase behaviors and customer journey. There are various traffic sources to promote dating CPA offers and choosing the right one is crucial to generate positive results on your affiliate marketing campaigns. Before explaining how to choose the best traffic source to promote dating CPA offers, let’s describe the meaning of traffic sources. 

Briefly, a traffic source is the origin through which users find a website, a blog, a landing page, a social media post, etc. We can divide all traffic sources into two big categories: paid traffic (banner ads, native ads, push ads, etc.) and organic traffic (social media, SEO, etc.). 

Continuing on we explain the best traffic sources to promote dating offers with some exclusive tips. Let’s begin!

Social media traffic 

Social media traffic can be free or paid. This means that you can promote dating CPA offers through organic or paid techniques. Both organic and paid traffic provide high conversion rates as you can connect with your target audience through many channels. As of April 2023, there were 5.18 billion internet users worldwide from which 4.8 billion were on social media. People entertain themselves through social media and most of their time is spent checking the different social media channels. So, you can boost your visibility and engagement by connecting with your target audience through instant messaging chats like Whatsapp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Snapchat, etc. As of January 2023, Chat amassed over 1.3 billion users, and Facebook Messenger amassed around 930 million users worldwide.

In the last few years short-form video content has become more popular and today, 75% of people watch short-form video content on their mobile devices. People love videos and are more likely to share them on social networks than other types of social posts or blog posts. If you want to promote dating CPA offers through social media channels, create short-form videos about how to match with the right people, tips to enhance the site’s profile, how to start a conversation, 5 key questions to ask on the first date, etc. Users are attracted to valuable and educational content, so focus on helping and inspiring your audience with relevant content. 

Tip! Build a community: Communities are significant because they promote engagement and sales. People trust others’ experiences buying the products they want, so provide testimonials and product reviews from other happy customers in order to improve engagement and so boost conversion rates. 

Tip! Know your audience: Choose the right social media channel for your niche and target audience. First, you need to understand your dating CPA offer and determine your target audience. Then you can figure out which social media channels they use and thus, you can start setting up your affiliate marketing campaign.

Tip! Find the best design: Look at the best design options according to your audience and social media channels. There are plenty of options: images, videos, emojis, gifs, stickers, etc. Test them and see which designs work best for your target audience. 

Push traffic

Push traffic are users who knowingly agreed to receive push notifications at one or more websites. Therefore, these users are very qualified traffic because they are more likely to convert when they see a push notification ad. The push notification appears across any device such as desktop, mobile or tablet as push ads are very targetable and ensure maximum visibility. 

In recent years, a new push ad format has evolved within online advertising. In-page is a native push message that shows up when a user browses a website. Like the classic push notifications (title, short description, and image or icon), in-page push ads appear directly on the user’s page without having subscribed previously to receive them. In-page push ads are like a banner ad displayed on a website fully responsive across all devices. 

Tip! Be creative: Create catchy creatives that attract the right audience. For example, a creative ad aimed at attracting senior women might show a couple having dinner. It could also be an attractive man walking up a mountain, or sitting on a bench reading a book with a text that reads something like ‘find your perfect partner’. Focus on real people with their hobbies and interests instead of stunning bodies out of reality.

Tip! Test ads with emojis: Emojis are great to promote dating CPA offers to target young Millennial and Gen Z audiences. Using Emojis in your push ads enables you to shorten your text and make it easier and quicker to read, for instance replacing the word ‘love’ with the heart emoji, or similar. They also help you appeal to the emotion of the end user engaging with your ad at the other end of the screen, improving engagement and boosting conversion rates. 

Native traffic 

Native advertising is a form of online advertising that focuses on its audience’s educational and informative value. This kind of advertisement fits into the content of a website and doesn’t really look like an ad! Rather, it merges with its environment. So, in a nutshell, Native ads are non-intrusive ads that match the look, feel and function of where they appear, looking like part of the editorial content on the page, avoiding ad blindness. 

Tip! Spy on your competitors: Use a spy tool or search Google to find out how other affiliates promote the offers so you can discover what works and what is not. 

Tip! Be clear with your messaging: Focus on what makes your offer unique and appealing to your target audience. Make headlines relevant and keep them within 60 to 75 characters. 

Tip! Use real-life pictures: If you want to increase CTR and drive your audience to your dating offer, your pictures must convey trust, which means that stock footage or pictures that are very obviously staged and fake won’t do.

Display advertising traffic 

Banner ads are a type of display advertising placed on websites, social media platforms, or apps. banner ads contain an image, text and a CTA with a link that drives users directly to the conversion page, whether it is the dating offer URL directly, or a landing page. Here are the most performing banner ad formats according to Google AdSense

  • Medium rectangle: 300×250
  • Large rectangle: 336×280
  • Leaderboard: 728×90
  • Half page: 300×600
  • Large mobile banner: 320×100

Tip! Use eye-catching images: There cannot be a performing ad without a compelling image! Use striking visuals and animations to capture the end user’s attention and make your ad pop amongst competitors’ banners.  

Tip! Spotlight on your product or service: Often, less is more. Simply showcase your service with simple real and not over-staged images. For instance, you could show an image of the attractive daters that your end users could potentially get to meet through your page.

Tip! Inspire urgency: Create a countdown creative that motivates users to take action now! Users are more likely to click on a banner when the offer or discount is about to end. 

Need more tips? No problem! Continuing on there are exclusive tips to promote the best dating CPA offers:

TORO Advertising’s exclusive tips to promote dating CPA offers 

Here are TORO Advertising’s exclusive tips to promote dating CPA offers which will help you to choose the best dating affiliate network so you can maximize your profits!

Tip! #1 Be creative
Sounds like a never-ending story at this point, right? The point is that the digital world is full of ads so the best weapon you have among your competitors is to be creative as much as possible to make your promotion unique. For example, simulate a video in a creative way so you can overlay the video play icon on the main image. Instead of using the main text of the creative, use an informative piece of text that tells users about new ways to find a couple or dating options. For example, if you have decided to post a native ad and are promoting a ‘tips’ type editorial landing, you could go with the title “5 outfit options for the perfect first date”.

Tip! #2 Know your audience
Understanding your target audience is the first thing you need to do before setting up your affiliate marketing campaign. It might seem obvious, but it is vital! So, invest time to figure out who is your target audience to make your dating offer profitable. A good tactic to identify your target audience is to ask yourself who would be interested in your dating CPA offer and why. Prepare a document and describe who these people may be and explain a bit about their lives: civil status, hobbies, job, location, internet usage, education, etc. Therefore, you will have a picture of your target audience that will help you determine the whole affiliate marketing campaign.

Tip! #3 Use a Spy tool
Spy tools are the kind of ad tech service that allows you to spy on your competitors’ ad campaigns. Spy tools work like a sideboard to analyze competitors’ ad campaigns in real time. This includes creatives, landing pages, geos, angles, etc to help you identify the most converting factors. 

Tip! #4 Be aware of the language
Get your dating CPA offers up and running in the language of the targeted country. It is true that the US is one of the most converting countries, however, there are others as well which you could explore: Italy, France, Spain, China, etc. Therefore, use the correct language for each country and double-check your translations! Or you could ask our talented account managers for help! They speak Spanish, English, Italian, French, Russian, and even Bengali. Do not hesitate to contact your account manager for more information.

Tip! #5 Optimize your landing page
Using a landing page will bring you more qualified leads and conversions as the landing page acts as a funnel through which users are converted to leads. It is crucial to optimize the landing page frequently to analyze what is not working so you can optimize the corresponding elements. We recommend adding short-form video content to the landing page with a precise headline and clear CTA. Work towards providing the best user experience and massively boost conversions!

Tip! #6 A/B testing
Testing is key to success, as you can’t know what works if you don’t test it! Even if you are following the same method as another affiliate, it is crucial to first test each factor of your online dating offer. Test as many times as possible to avoid wasting time and money. We recommend testing the following aspects: creatives, angles, traffic sources, landing pages, audience, and CTAs.

How to choose the best Dating Affiliate Network?

To choose the best dating affiliate network among other affiliate networks, it is crucial to know that the dating affiliate network partners with premium online dating advertisers who offer exclusive conditions and deals to affiliates. Also, dating offers must ensure top EPCs and high payouts. TORO Advertising offers all this and more! Our talented account managers work towards improving promotion conditions for affiliates such as payment terms, payout increments, exclusive traffic source tips, and high-performing creatives.

In addition, our expert account managers guide affiliates to select TORO Advertising’s best dating offers to match the best traffic source with the most suitable dating offer. Become an affiliate of TORO Advertising and start generating profits with the best dating affiliate network!

Still thinking? What are you waiting for? Contact our amazing team to select TORO Advertising’s best dating offers and boost your revenues!