How to make money with CC Submit offers in affiliate marketing

How to make money with cc submit offers in affiliate marketing


How to make money with CC Submit offers in affiliate marketing

CC Submit (Credit Card Submit) offers are a highly competitive niche in today’s affiliate world. Even though the conversion process requires the end user to enter their credit card details, which creates more resistance, this kind of offer allows affiliate marketers to get the highest payouts and particularly profitable revenues. Generally, CC Submit offers in affiliate marketing have the best EPC and help you maximize conversion rates. Want to learn more about CC Submit? In this article, we will explain how CC Submit offers work and how to make money with CC Submit in affiliate marketing. 

CC Submit offers in affiliate marketing: How do they work?

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is a method of marketing where affiliates earn a commission by running ad campaigns to promote products or services from another brand. And CC Submit is an affiliate conversion flow through which affiliate marketers will earn a commission when the end user leaves his credit card details.

Simple but straight to the point, CC Submit offers in affiliate marketing are a type of offers where the conversion is triggered when a user types in his credit card information, adds an email address and creates and inputs a password into a form. Usually, the form is inserted into a landing page that leads into the advertiser’s offer page upon being filled out. 

Here’s an example of a CC Submit offer form that leads into an affiliate marketing offer landing:

This type of conversion flow (CC Submit) is slightly more complex than CPL-SOI & CPL-DOI, but it delivers highly qualified traffic to your offer because the end user types his credit card details. The end users are really interested in the product or service because they would pay for the service or product. So, imagine that there is a raffle where you can win an iPhone 14 by only paying 1$ to enter the raffle. If you pay that 1$ it would mean you are interested in winning an iPhone. 

Credit card submit (CC Submit) stands for the same definition in either offer that is categorized as CC submit. However, there are 2 types of CC Submit funnel which will have a different effect on your conversion rate that we will tell you about below:

CC Submit offers conversion flow types

Here are the CC Submit offers conversion flow types:

Type 1: Payment
The end user needs to type in his credit card details, add an email address, create a password and pay a small amount of money at once. After a period of time, the full amount will be charged. Therefore, at the time of paying the first small amount, the conversion will be fired. 

Type 2: Free Trial
The end user must enter their credit card details, add an email address and create a password in order to access the offer, but they will not be charged immediately. So, put in contrast with the Payment type above, the conversion does not require payment by the user. Only after a period of time (usually between 7 and 14 days) the end user will be charged the full amount, which means that during that period of time, the end user can cancel the subscription or membership, which means that a real sale or conversion wouldn’t happen.

Top 2 verticals & best Tiers to promote CC Submit offers

If you want to make money with CC Submit offers, it is crucial to choose the best vertical and GEO Tiers. Currently, the best-converting CC Submit offers are from the following verticals:

  • VOD (Video On Demand) offers: In VOD websites you can watch sports events, TV series, movies and other online video-based content. Video On Demand has gained a lot of popularity since COVID knocked on our doors and is continuing to rise in usability.
  • Sweepstakes: Sweepstakes offers are a type of contest or raffle where visitors have the chance to win very attractive prizes by filling out a form. Sweepstakes offer different types of prizes, such as iPhones, gift vouchers, gym memberships, holiday packages, shopping discounts, etc. To access Sweepstakes CC Submit offers, the end user has to pay a small amount of money, and enter their email address and phone number in order to enter the contest. 

Top performing GEO Tiers

The best-performing GEOs for CC Submit offers in affiliate marketing are all Tier 1. Mainly because potential buyers from Tier 1 are more likely to share their credit card details online than end users from Tier 2 or Tier 3. In addition, Tier 1 end users tend to have more payment options so it is easier for them to participate in online raffles. This is mainly because Tier 1 end users have a higher economic capacity, which also means that the payouts are higher than in other countries where people have a lower economic status. This makes Tier 1 traffic especially great for CC Submit offers. However, if you are getting started with CC Submit it can be a good idea to start with Tier 2 or Tier 3, since although the payout would be lower, the traffic would also be more affordable.

Exclusive Tip: If you are promoting your CC submit offers to different GEOs, learn about each culture since different cultures have diverse values, lifestyles, buying habits, etc. For example, if you are interested in promoting a Sweepstake offer in China around the Chinese New Year event dates, it would be profitable if you promote Chinese New Year giveaways. 

Exclusive Tip! Keep the language of the country in which you want to promote your offer carefully in mind. Set up your affiliate marketing campaign according to the language and ensure consistency and coherence with the different elements of your campaign: Ad creatives, text, landing page, CTA, etc.

5 Key aspects and expert tips to make money with CC submit offers

As stated above, CC Submit offers might be slightly more complicated to convert because it creates more resistance, however, they can turn into higher payouts and help you maximize earnings! Continuing on you will find key aspects and expert tips to make money with CC Submit offers and boost ROI.

1. Research market trends and demand forecasts

If you want to make money with CC Submit you need to research trends and market demands to know what your audience is looking for. A great way to do market research is to spy on your competitors. You can do it simply by searching on the SERPs results or using Spy tools. Or you can also search Google Trends to identify which topics are popular and what is being searched for by your audience. 

Expert tip! Identify new opportunities and needs. Aside from Google trends, you can search online communities and forums to learn from other affiliate marketers which offers work best right now. In addition, you can find out what is popular to identify your target audience and the best offer to suit their needs. 

2. Choose the best Affiliate Network

Working with a reputable affiliate network will help you make money with CC Submit. This will also ensure having a positive experience running your affiliate marketing campaigns. TORO Advertising takes care of your affiliate needs and provides guidance and help according to your level of expertise. Besides, TORO Advertising works with CC Submit premium advertisers which offer high-converting CC Submit offers and exclusive payment conditions. Contact our amazing team here to get started with TORO Advertising’s best CC Submit offers!

Expert tip! Each affiliate network specializes in certain verticals and covers different markets. That means that you will need to find an affiliate network that specializes in this vertical with worldwide coverage. It is also essential to work with an affiliate network that has extensive experience in the industry and partners with premium advertisers. 

3. Pick your traffic sources

Traffic sources refer to any platform or medium through which your target audience can discover your CC Submit offer, landing page or website. Learn more about traffic sources in this article as well as exclusive tips to choose the best traffic sources. 

Here are some aspects to consider when choosing a traffic source:

  • Your niche and product vertical
  • Targeting options and countries
  • Volume and quality of the traffic source
  • The cost of the traffic source
  • Payment types and minimum deposit 
  • Innovative and converting formats
  • Restrictions, regulations and best practices

Expert tip! As far as we know, the most converting traffic sources for CC Submit are Native advertising, Social media, organic SEO and Display advertising. It wouldn’t be surprising for you to see Disney+ or Netflix offers on social media at some point. This is because this kind of content works great on social media platforms as the target audience belongs there.

Expert tip! Optimize your offer for mobile! Most people carry smartphones everywhere and see affiliate marketing content through their mobile devices. So, optimize your affiliate marketing campaign for mobile by adjusting your targeting settings when working with a traffic source. Then, adapt your offer’s creatives and behavior for mobile devices and focus on a great user experience. 

4. Read carefully the T&C of the offer 

That’s right! You must read the offer’s guidelines to know exactly what is permitted and prohibited when running the CC Submit offer. T&C sections usually contain relevant information to promote your offer. For example, it can include details of the target audience, best targeting and most-converting GEOs. 

Expert tip! Advertisers define their own rules and conditions for CC Submit. Ensure that your affiliate marketing campaign does not use prohibited traffic sources. Don’t let your conversions be lost because of a rule about which you have been previously advised.

5. Use a landing page or prelander

It is crucial to use a landing page or prelander when running CC Submit offers as they are more complex than other conversion flows. In a CC Submit flow, you need to share enough information to convince end users to complete the desired action. Besides, using a landing page allows you to generate trust as you can share product reviews to showcase honest end user feedback. A well-designed landing page should be catchy and make it easy to understand what you are offering. In a few words, you must focus on giving users what they need and tell them clearly why they should choose your product or service in order to get it. 

Expert tip! Split test your creatives. For example, the holiday shopping season calls for festive offers and pre-landers that express the Christmas spirit! The back-to-school season, on the other hand, will require a completely different approach. Even if you’re advertising the same offer, product, or service, add variety to your creatives and run A/B tests of each to see what works best.

Expert tip! Offer a discount or deal with limited dates to participate or buy the product to encourage purchases. Online shoppers feel more engaged with promo codes or discounts before deciding on purchasing a specific product or service. For example, your CC Submit offer can be an iPhone raffle, so on the landing page you can add a daily timer sharing the days left to participate. 

TORO Advertising’s best CC Submit offers 

Continuing on there are some of the most-performing CC Submit offers on TORO Advertising’s platform. Ask your account manager to set up your affiliate marketing campaign and start boosting your revenues!


Spain (ES) – Movie Streaming – Sign Up (Responsive)



Spain (ES) – Unlimited Software – Free And Unlimited (Responsive) – CP



Multiple GEOs – Disney+ (Responsive)

$21 – $5.60
Multiple Geos (+90)

Multiple GEOs – iPhone 14 Pro Max (Responsive)

$21 – $5.60
Multiple Geos (+90)

United Arab Emirates (AE) – Flix – Register Panther (Responsive)



Advertisers TIP! Our talented Account Managers are driven to discover the best traffic methods to promote any offer. According to them, our advertisers’ CC Submit offers mentioned above performed extremely well when promoted through social media platforms, organic SEO, and native advertising.

Not sure where to begin? No problem! Contact our amazing support team to find out how to become a TORO Advertising affiliate. or, if you are already registered to our platform, get in touch with your account manager to learn more about how to make money with CC Submit offers!