The colors of Christmas

The colors of Christmas:

If I make a simple question during these remarkable holidays I am sure that 99% of the people listening to it would know the answer. ‘Which is the color of Christmas?’ or maybe, to be more exact, ‘which are the COLORS of Christmas?’


In the first case, it’s quite easy right? It is the color red. Red like the suit Santa Claus is wearing, red like the nose of Rudolf, his best reindeer. Red is the color the socks we put on our fireplaces so Santa drops his presents. Quite representative symbols, aren’t they? Not to mention that the present wraps, the balls we hung on the Christmas tree, etc.

Simply google the word ‘Christmas’, you will be struck by the red wave. Even though, there are two main colors in Christmas if you think twice about it. You guessed right, the color green. Green is the Christmas tree, representative of all trees during winter, the last standing tree. It is also the color of the suits of the elves that work for Santa in his workshop, and this is no causality.

You might be wondering at this rate why I am explaining you all this. Did you know that the original color of Saint Nicolas, also known as Santa Claus, was green? Do you know that it was Coca-Cola themselves who changed the color of the suit of Santa Claus so it matched their own representative color? That’s it folks, Coca-Cola made theirs the most international and weight-filled holiday of our days.

Santa Claus

Keep this in mind when you feel your path is not the correct one or that you are not being successful enough. There was once, not a long time ago, a company which changed the symbols of one of the most important holidays in the world to their favor. Keep with your efforts, keep working hard, as you might not change Christmas, but who knows what your company might be able to achieve.

TORO Advertising wishes you all Merry Christmas; never lose your spirit to advance, there is always a path to follow.